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Punk n' Roll

by Zitter

Swedish band, Zitter, plays hardrock blended with punk. Grinding guitars and punchy bass lines melt together with steady drum patterns, never compromising with vocal and instrumental melodies. This is indeed true for the band’s latest single Punk n' Roll, taken from Bubblegum God.

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by Glad We Met

1995 is a classic street punk song. It is an ode to the 90s. It is featured on our self titled debut album, available since Friday Dec. 1 streamable on all platforms

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Hold On

by ZacTheLocust

We are South Wales newcomers, ZACTHELOCUST, and we have an anthemic new single, Hold On. The song and video are out now. Please check them out.

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Tokyo Rose

by Everyday Dogs

We're Everyday Dogs: the skateboarding, Capri-Sun drinking, surfer-punk rockers of Athens, GA. Honestly, we wanted to make something that we thought was missing from music today: real people playing songs together that make you want to drive fast with the windows down.

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by The Upshot

The Upshot are a new punk band from the south of England delivering high octane melodic punk. Speaking about the debut single 'Detoxstaycation', guitarist Matt Spracklen says, “It’s angsty and fast and written at a point during lockdown when I was climbing the walls to get out".

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Dapper Man

by The Mendozaz

Hey! We're The Mendozaz and this is our third video: "Dapper Man". It's a song that Jonny wrote while competing for the affections of a young lady who was enamoured with a particularly striking man. It's a fast one and has tons of profanity in the chorus, so we hope you'll be inspired to sing along.

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Imaginary Lines

by Slumbercloud

We're a brand new heavy rock and punk band out of Groningen, Netherlands, releasing our debut EP 'Human Problem' on 31 March, 2023. "Imaginary Lines" is a fervent condemnation of war and violence. "Imaginary Lines" begs one important question about war: what is the fucking point?

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Hidden Motives (I Have No)

by Government Jazz

Government Jazz formed in Osaka in 2019 and had to disband fairly quickly due to covid. The members are foreign (USA, UK, Brasil) and were studying in Japan but now inhabit 3 separate continents. Recorded live, the song "Hidden Motives (I Have No)" is based on an email from the singers' grandmother.

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Love Thyself

by The Outside Kids

Hey we're The Outside Kids! Our new song “Love Thyself” basically means f@&$ you! It’s about exes changing our trajectory, life path, goals, who we are… Or not, as the case may be. Check it out and feel things.

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30 ks

by The shorts

We're the shorts, we're from The Mallee.

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Green Flare

by Last Titans

We are Last Titans, a pop punk rock band from Gijón, Asturias (Spain). We are very proud to present our new single, "Green Flare", after 3 years of hard-work since our last EP Punk is dead Green Flare is a song energic and the song you need in the mornings to wake up with energy!

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Science or Belief

by Bridges to Nowhere

Hi guys, this is the first track from our third album. During the pandemic we locked ourselves in our rehearsal room and recorded it all ourselves. It's always been hard for us to label our music, since each track is a little bit different. Just listen for yourselves and tell us what you think.

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Pride And Prejudice

by The Outside Kids

Hey all, we're the two functioning brain cells that make up The Outside Kids! We're a post pop-punk band influenced by your favorite Warped tour and grunge/punk stables, fed up with the "follow the leader to our mutual demise" mentality the world seems to have these days.

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by 3 Minute Riot

3 Minute Riot is a punk rock band from Mexico City. Influenced by genres such as punk rock, garage and rock and roll, the band has 3 singles and currently working on a brand new EP. Atreyu, our latest single, maintains the seal of the band, but being very faithful to the punk sound of the classics.

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Played Me At My Own Game

by The Fiasco

Hi, we're The Fiasco, an Alt-Rock band from Leeds UK. Played Me At My Own Game is our brand new single and is an energetic, mid-tempo Pop/Rock track with a huge sing-along chorus.

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Ruin Your Youth

by Grand Theft Audio

People tend to believe bands know what the fuck they are doing - but let me tell you, they don’t. It's just an urge. For us, the whole GTA story was exactly that - something brilliant from the past urging us to do something more, so after our epic 20 year hiatus, we're back and ready to party!

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The Fireman

by The Red Lite District

Hi All, We are The Red Lite District, and this is one of the tracks from our fifth EP, Peephole. This track is literally about going mental during lockdown, I think we have all felt a bit deranged lately. But dont take the advice we give you in this track seriously.

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Perfect Little Soldier

by Bozo

Hi! Were Bozo, a pop punk band from Orlando Florida! The song featured is Perfect Little Soldier, the lead single from our freshly released first full length "Another Happy Landing". This song was composed by the three members Vincent, Kyle, and Jay.

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We Eat the Buffalo

by Radio Aftermath

From the enigmatic first chord through to its head shaking climax, We Eat the Buffalo is a marriage of hook laden riffs & choruses, full of energy and immediacy. This is all underpinned by hard-hitting drums, driving bass lines, and creative lead guitar work.

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