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Start Again

by Red Weather

Hello there Punktastic readers! We're a band called Red Weather from Virginia Beach, VA. (a.k.a. America's largest suburb - Google it!) This song has it all - the classic Emo vocals, a driving and punchy chorus, and a goosebump worthy bridge. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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I Gotta Be Kidding Me

by Long Past Overdue

Lost somewhere between the labels of emo, pop-punk, alternative rock, and shoegaze, LONG PAST OVERDUE is a 90s-inspired melodic and emotional band from Curitiba, Brazil. It started as a solo project in 2018 and remotely became a band during the covid lockdown.

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by Mani Kontador

Mani Kontador is a quirky punk band from the Philippines. Junee Abe (Guitar/Vocals), Rafael Gerardo (Bass/Vocals) and Ralph Rapiz (Drums) started in May 2019. They simply know how to elevate pranking to some sort of art form.

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Cardboard Box

by Squidge

We're Squidge, a four-piece comprised of silly sad punks. Today we released our new track, Cardboard Box, which covers a deep self-reflection of a person's life from their deathbed. It's not all doom and gloom though as the track is 3 minutes of killer riffs, breakdowns and monstrous choruses! Enjoy!

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Speak Louder

by Campfire Social

Speak Louder is a song about the importance of talking about your problems before they get too much for you to handle.

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Toska Fall

Hi! We're a three-piece punkrock band from the Netherlands, trying to keep a little bit of the 90s punk rock alive in our songs. We've recorded our first EP early 2019 and are proud to release it to the world. We hope you like it!!

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Breichiau Hir

Hey, this is our new single 'Penblwydd Hapus Iawn'. An unflinching three minutes of punk aggression powered by a wall of three pronged guitars and cathartic vocals. The song is about a catastrophic birthday party I attended a few years ago where I witnessed the worst in some of the best people”.

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This is Flèche (Paris, FR), four fans of The Get Up Kids having each previously played in a bunch of bands and now trying to mix the thick rock and harmonies of Alice in Chains with the technical pop of Minus the Bear. What we like is to make the melody that alternates soft verses and heavy choruses

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Glazed is here to turn 2019 into 1999 pt. 2 with our new single 'New York City.' The sound stems from our love for pop punk, hardcore and emo music, as well as our experience as a racially diverse band in the Southeast U.S. This is just the tip of the iceberg for our year! More to come soon.

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The Farewell Project

Hello fellow humans! The farewell project consists of four friends whos friendship has it’s roots back to the late 90’s early 2000’s emo/indie-scene. Our first ep is out now.

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Space Is Big

Space is Big are bastard sons of rock serving up cosmic-sized slices of heavy guitars, ripping melodies and lyrics infused with the uncomplimentary flavours of optimism and dissatisfaction.

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The Stayawakes

Hey folks, we're The Stayawakes from Southsea. This track is a sneak peak at our new album 'Dogs and Cats / Living Together' which June 11th 2018 through Surefire Discs, badHORROR Recordings and ShoveItUpYourCult Records. It's the first song we wrote for the band.

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