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Love On Fire

by Brake Loose

Hey Punktastic, we're Brake Loose and this is our new single 'Love On Fire'. It's our newest release and the most excited we've ever been to share music with the world. We make music for people who have a lust for life and 'Love On Fire' is the essence of this. We're excited to hear what you think x

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Imposter Syndrome

by Solcura

Imposter Syndrome is a seething storm of biting lyrics, thundering rhythms and furious guitars that has been harnessed into a 4-minute barn burner of a tune. Solcura are an exhilarating alternative rock band that bring a genre-melding and diverse soundscape to the fore.

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Under the Sun

by Durtle

We are Durtle, a Brooklyn-based band with an intense, genre-twisting sound that is sure to get you out of bed in the morning. This track is our second, and hopefully most popular single from our upcoming debut EP, We're Installing Three New Elevators - out April 1!

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Hey guys, we are MUDSHARK, a rock/metal band from London, UK, currently releasing our debut EP “ZLV”. This is our favourite track of the EP and probably the most straightforward “metal” track on the EP. Beautiful vocals and lyrics, with a definite chorus that’ll get stuck in your head.

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Never Gave it Back

by Petrichør

Hey! We're a 4-piece band called Petrichør. We're based out of Miami, Florida and we've only been around for about a year. We believe that music deserves to be experienced by the 5 senses so we made our first song "Never Gave it Back" much more than a track; we made it an experience.

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Phoenix (Bonus Track)

by Clayton Brown

Hey, everybody! I'm Clayton Brown, I've been playing guitar for a whole 14 years and counting, and "Phoenix" is a musical idea that I've had for a huge portion of that time, but have only recently been able to record. True to the name, it's about rising from the ashes of a hopeless situation. Enjoy!

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Free the Fallen

by A Ritual Spirit

Hey folks, we're A Ritual Spirit from Edinburgh (Scotland), recently described as "Too metal for rock, too rock for grunge & too grunge for metal"!! We just released part one of a two part album "Elements I" and this track "Free the Fallen" pretty much sums up our cross genre sound. Enjoy!

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For My Sins

by Famyne

Hailing from the heart of the garden of England, Canterbury Doom outfit Famyne have, ever since conception in 2014, been steadily building a name for themselves, and a sound all of their own. 'Famyne II: The Ground Below' will be released on Friday May 13th, via Svart Records.

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Long Gone Silver

by Y!KES

Written in the heat of global frustration, 'Long Gone Silver' smacks against the rage with massive guitars, bass hooks, punchy drums & sinister vocals to remind the world that music is alive, kicking & screaming.

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Me, Myself & I

by Blend

Hey! We're Blend, a rock band from Ohio, & this is our song "Me, Myself and I." It's about how mental health takes it's toll, especially when you don't know why you feel the way you do or how to make it better. Feelings of fear & self-doubt can creep up, even when we're at high points in our lives.

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Kein Licht

by Hot Sunday Blood

Turin based Hot Sunday Blood’s mesmerizing sound primarily comes from the heavier sphere of grunge/alternative metal. Their recently released third album, Kein Licht is a journey about psychological human condition seen through a young woman's eyes.

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White Wolf

by The Mighty N

Hey Guys, We are The Mighty N and this is our new single White Wolf from our latest release ENTROPIA. White Wolf has a hypnotic dark groove thats heavy as hell. We hope you enloy it.

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This is Flèche (Paris, FR), four fans of The Get Up Kids having each previously played in a bunch of bands and now trying to mix the thick rock and harmonies of Alice in Chains with the technical pop of Minus the Bear. What we like is to make the melody that alternates soft verses and heavy choruses

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Fallen Child

Hey, we're Fallen Child. We're a four-piece rock band from Weston-Super-Mare, we mix elements of grunge and alternative rock.

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Soul Attrition

Hey Punktastic, I'm releasing a solo project called Soul Attrition. The debut album, "Vashon Rain" integrates components of post-metal, grunge, sludge and alternative with a focus on pummeling riffs and haunting melodies in order to create an emotive and driving sound.

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Love Ghost

Hey guys, we're Love Ghost and we'd love for you to listen to our latest track 'Scarlett Letter'.

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