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The Letting Go

by Agvirre

Agvirre are a blackened post-rock collective based in Manchester, UK. Our sound combines rock instrumentation with strings, synths, spoken word samples and electronics. We embody the sound of anxiety through intense performances that observe the struggles of living with mental illness.

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by The Animal State

Hello. I'm The Animal State and this is the 2nd single from my new album. It tells a story from my past. If you like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins or Placebo... you will probably like this song.

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"Big Bear"


When we're kids, we live fearlessly & aren't insecure about nearly anything, I miss that. As we get older we start to live more cautiously & care what other people think. "Big Bear" is about chasing that feeling again.

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House Pet

by UgLi

UgLi takes elements of alternative, grunge, and punk and combines them in a refreshing mix for their upcoming debut album. "House Pet" is the second single from the album, FUCK, that is out now!

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Die Young

by Fight Back Mountain

Hey we're Fight Back Mountain, and this is the lead single off of our upcoming album, "Lavender Sky." It's our second album. It's very 90s, if that's your thing. Also kind of sounds like 2000s Org-Core. If you're old enough to know what that means. *crying laughing emoji*

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Grave robber

by Slow Death

Slow Death is Slow death. Grave robber is about digging up the past. Feelings of righteousness, regret, guilt and seeing things in a new light.

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by The Mandevilles

Hi Punktastic gang! We're The Mandevilles. Our new song "Lightning" reflects on the masochistic side of a past relationship. Eventually realizing that it just didn't work, but there's still this sick thrill from going through hell for someone you think you're meant to be with. Plus it's grungy af!

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by The Ivins

Hello Punktastic! We are The Ivins, a Loud Alternative band from Nashville and this is our latest single "Bloom"! If you like hearing cool new rock music but still feeling like its 2002 and you're listening to rock radio in your mom's car, this song is for you. Enjoy!

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Comfort Me

by Witch Of The East

We are Witch Of The East from Leeds/Nottingham. Comfort me was written during an unjust spell in Viennese jail recorded and released appropriately in the wake of a pandemic exploring the themes of isolation, incarceration, loneliness and the real human need for companionship, love and touch. Enjoy x

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Kein Licht

by Hot Sunday Blood

Turin based Hot Sunday Blood’s mesmerizing sound primarily comes from the heavier sphere of grunge/alternative metal. Their recently released third album, Kein Licht is a journey about psychological human condition seen through a young woman's eyes.

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My Eyes

by Oversize

"My Eyes" was written after reflecting how many hours I spend looking at a screen. The feeling of becoming a slave to technology, the impact it can have on social anxiety and the toll it can have on both mental and physical health.

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Better Things

by Honeycub

Hi we're Honeycub, a neo-Grunge band from Leeds. Better Things is all about questioning where you are in life against where you'd like to be, and trying to move on from negative experiences and people, but constantly being sucked back in.

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Maybe, Tomorrow

by The Fame

We are The Fame! A young up & coming indie rock band from Canada. Our music takes influence from some of the best bands of the 90s/00s Rock era with a modern day twist on everyday life in 2019!

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IOTA formed in Bristol late 2017. Since their formation, IOTA have been touring around the UK and selling out headline shows at popular Bristol venues such as ‘The Crofters Rights’ and ‘Thunderbolt’. They have also been taking UK festivals by storm.

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Hi we are Saboteurs from Lincolnshire UK. we are a misfit bunch of middle aged people who still have some great songs left to share. We mix a number of styles together and have a passion for lyrical content. We are partial to a good riff, wear our hearts on our sleeves and still have a tale to tell.

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Greys took on a completely new direction for their third album, doing the exact opposite to what they've always known, by cutting their teeth into experimenting with warped samples, building atmosphere through reversed guitars and running their ruthless drums through amps.

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some villains

We are Some Villains, a four-piece alternative/hard rock band based in Burnham on Sea, Somerset. We are probably most well-known for supporting Liam Gallagher at Pilton Party 2018 at Worthy Farm. We like to describe our music as 'perpetual motion' - Someone smarter than us came up with that!

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The Ivins

Hi guys! This is our new single "Certain," which comes out April 5th. It is a commentary on how certainty has become the enemy to a culture of people who never want to commit to anything, always assuming there's something better. The music was originally based on a Lebanese folk song.

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Midnight Son

Hey Punks, we're Sheffield's latest Emo outfit and this is a song from our debut EP. Feast yourselves!

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Hey guys, we've been playing around Bath/Bristol for the last 3 years after we released our debut EP. This is our brand new single 'Tired', a song about looking out for your friends. Hope you can relate and enjoy the music!

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