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by Vini Vicious

"Cadillac" is the 4th track from the "Atelophobia" EP, and tells of how we want to buy our mommas a Caddy in a world that does not allow it Full bio:

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Shake On The Floor

by Lucifers Beard

Over the last few years I have built my own recording studio, and this is the first product of that. I worked closely with Ed Ripley (NOFX/Frank Turner/Spice Girls) he also mastered 'SOTF’. This song is free from restrictions and having the freedom to express myself from my own studio.

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by Giant Walker

Hey, we're Giant Walker - a Heavy Progressive Rock band from Newcastle, UK. ‘Optophobia’ is a fear of opening your eyes and the lyrics of the song are inspired, both by this, but also by the truth that our vision is merely our brain’s best guess of the world around us. We hope you dig it!!

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Barbed Wire

by Bottlecap

Hey! We are Bottlecap from Sweden. This is our third single from our upcoming album "Wooden Systems", out in May. Barbed Wire is a Fun, Heavy, Catchy, Fast punch in your face with lots of love. Enjoy!

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Maudlin Paupin' Man

by Ryan R and the Repertoire

Hi, I'm Ryan. I've been writing songs and playing in bands since I was 13. I started playing clubs when I was 15, recording in studios at 16, and at 25 I packed up and moved to NYC, where I was in and out of bands for 15 years. Now, at 41, I'm back in Arizona and decided to "go solo" with buddies!

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by The Blood Republic

Hey guys, i'm Zak from The Blood Republic and i'm all about making music that I love and I hope you love it too!

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Exploding Whale

by Space Pistol

Evening!!! We’re a 4 piece British alt rock/grunge band hailing from Milton Keynes and Buckingham YOU NEED TO HESR THIS!!!

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Gone With The Girl Next Door


Hey Punktastic. Our debut single and official music video for 'Gone With The Girl It's Door' is out now. It's a fever inducing cacophony of dark melodies, mixed with abrasive yet tender sounds. We're Gritty, British, and in your face and it's feels amazing to finally be able to share music with you

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Gone With The Girl Next Door


Hey! We're a brand-new band called MOSKITO for the UK! Gone With The Girl Next Door is are a fever inducing cacophony of dark melodies, mixed with abrasive yet tender sounds. This single has been a long time coming and we’ve been a long time coming. We're Gritty, British, and in your face.

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Trayvon Hawkins

by The Suspension

First full length album of tracks ranging from the political to the personal. Angry and passionate songs with sing-along melodies is what you’ll get from us!

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Away We Go

by Cold Company

Ever wondered what the Grim Reaper's routine is like?....Look no further. This is my debut track from an upcoming EP which is set for release in a number of months from now. This is a passion project, a Covid baby which has finally seen the light of day after years of heartbreak and graft.

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Pull Your Weight


Hey guys, we're Mint from Grimsby. Here's our new single 'Pull Your Weight' championed by BBC Radio 1. We hope you like it!

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Let It All Go

by Francis of Delirium

Led by 19-year-old Jana Bahrich alongside collaborator Chris Hewett, Francis of Delirium are a Canadian American duo based in Luxembourg. They’re signed to UK label, Dalliance Recordings (Gia Margaret, Common Holly, Wilsen).

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Casual Sex


We’ve all been in a situation where you start seeing someone and there’s an ambiguity around where you stand with them and it all becomes a bit messy. This song is about as honest and blunt as you can get.

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by The Absurd

Hey You! Do you like rock n' roll, gettin stoned, and giving the finger to anyone who tells you to conform? How about Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and The Doors? Then you should probably check out the thunderous rock n roll power-trio The Absurd....or not.. but it'd be a lot cooler if you did.

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Dying for a Future

by The Late Aprils

Hi we're The Late Aprils, a 4-piece Alt-Rock band out of Hertford in the UK. This is our follow up to our debut and it's called "Dying for a Future", it’s a pulsating, breathless, rollercoaster of a rock song, just like the past year it encapsulates.

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Savoir Fair

by We Three Kings

Our new single, Savoir Fair, tells the story of a dark & twisted night, with mysterious consequences. A razor sharp reminder of the power of monstrous riffs turned up to 11. If you like massive fuzzed up bluesy guitar riffs (Rival Sons, Royal Blood, The Black Keys etc) then this might be for you!

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Heavenly Home (I'm In Your Mind)

by Sleemo

Hey, we are an independent alternative band from Norwich, Norfolk. Formed mid 2019. This song represents escapism and how people use technology to hide from the scary reality of the outside world.

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Victory Lap (Live)

by Let Man Loose

Fresh-faced with new bassist Eric Dimmack joining the line-up, and Luke Scruton filling in for Jamie on guitar, we booked into York's Young Thugs Studio to record performances of two tracks from 'Vol. 3'. Choosing to record live, the session resulted in a pair of frenetic and raw recordings.

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by Summoners

Summoners are a 4-piece rock band based in Portsmouth/London who have been best friends since meeting in school and college and are excited to be coming together to play what we love: heavy, dirty, riffy rock.

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