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by Summoners

Summoners are a 4-piece rock band based in Portsmouth/London who have been best friends since meeting in school and college and are excited to be coming together to play what we love: heavy, dirty, riffy rock.

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Solid Gold


We're WHIMS - an instrumental rock duo that aims to create walls of sound as just two dudes. Our track Solid Gold is a perfect representation of our sound (driving riffs + hypnotic grooves wrapped in modern song structures) from our first album release.

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Shiver & Shake

by Toreador

'Shiver & Shake' is another slice of indie rock with a heavy twist perfectly showcasing the band’s soulful harmonies. We describe it being "about the concept of meeting someone who you have an instant connection with. Sometimes you meet a person and instantly click, like a sort of divine chemistry."

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by Cellar Door

We are Cellar Door from Teesside. Probably our darkest and dingiest single so far Sirens is a seedy story.

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Whiskiegh Couke

by Dead Slow

Dead Slow formed in February 2019 as a 5 piece head banging bunch of wronguns heavily influenced by the stoner rock / punk & metal scene,. The band smashed on to the scene with their first show in September 2019 and have continued to play to growing audiences since.

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Lose Myself

by Red Light Acid Test

Red Light Acid Test are a new band on the London music scene. Merging the psych rock of 60’s garage, grunge’s spit & fury and the tight angular riffing of post punk they have created a noisy blast of brooding intensity

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The Presidents

by Stone Breaker

Hi There, we are the Stone Breaker. The video is called "the Presidents" and is about our favorite rock club Marginália a Sweaty rock club, loud music and cold beer. It's our homage to our favorite rock club in Portimão in the south of Portugal

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Kein Licht

by Hot Sunday Blood

Turin based Hot Sunday Blood’s mesmerizing sound primarily comes from the heavier sphere of grunge/alternative metal. Their recently released third album, Kein Licht is a journey about psychological human condition seen through a young woman's eyes.

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Keep your hands to yourself

by Stone Breaker

Hi There, we are the Stone Breaker, a rock band from Portugal and "Motörbass" is our first single of our upcoming album, released on the 17th of April.

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Hello we are 2 FAR SOUTH a Grungy Garage duo giving a vintage sound an new school identity! This is our song called "Insane" We recorded it in our jam spot. We hope you enjoy it.

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by Mummy

Yo, Mummy here. Four piece band from South London tearing it up with a new EP. The lead track ‘Shovel’ is a dark journey digging through life, striving to find the gold without getting too filthy.

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Before The Storm

by Follow Deep

We are Follow Deep and we are a young, emerging indie/alternative rock band from Hull.
This is our latest single from our debut album "Will You Still Love Me...", and it's about one of the characters from the film "Leon: The Professional". Hope you like it!

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Et Tu?

by The Business End

Hi! We're The Business End, and this new song of ours is an attempt to convey just how the current state of political affairs in the USA makes us feel. Turns out, the answer is angry. Quite angry.

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by Let Man Loose

Hey guys, we're back with a brand new single 'Bulldog', a satirical commentary walking the circus tightrope between patriotism and bigotry. Without getting too political, this is a fun-poke at the dinosaurs who 'wanted their country back'.

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by We Three Kings

We Three Kings are a no-nonsense three piece rock ’n’ roll band from Manchester, UK with a balls-out sound that blends fuzzed up blues-rock into three minute mini miracles of pure joy. Enjoy our new track 'Gasoline'.

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Highway 7

by The Creature Comfort

Highway 7 is a hook-laden Grinderman-meets-MC5 piece of rock heaven, a driving song for the lost generation.  We're part-Stooges, part-Doors, all Manchester, and one of the most exciting live acts around!

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The Wolf of Green Street

by The NUV

The NUV is an alternative rock band characterized by a strong and powerful sound, born on the outskirts of Brianza in 2003. After a few years of inactivity, they now return to the studio to record their new effort "Belgian Solutions" anticipated by the single "The Wolf Of Green Street" (July 2019).

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Stoned Ape Theory

by Muskrat Meadows

Hello! This is Rebecca on behalf of Vancouver band Muskrat Meadows bringing you their debut single "Stoned Ape Theory" The band paired up with animator Benjamin Christensen on the music video to elevate the track to a new level with chaotic visuals.

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Golden Plates

Howdy! Check out the first single off of Golden Plates new LP, Farewell to Zion, "You're Pretty, I'm Drunk".

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L Sicario

We are L Sicario, we play a funky old blend of rock and roll and desert rock that belies our big city roots. This is our new single 'Innocence' and it is pretty badass.

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