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Tender Hook

by Sugarstone

The first glimpse of this new project will arrive in the form of their gritty new single ‘Tender Hook’ which aesthetically taps into the industrial goth and dance sounds of the 80s, a hugely influential era for the band.

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by This Be The Verse

This is the 2nd single from our upcoming EP Eshgh. The EP is out on 5th May and we have an EP release show at The Old Blue Last on the 5th May. We are a London-based band who have played shows with bands such as Black Peaks, Tigercub and Idles.

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Self Destructor

by The Lonesomes

The Lonesomes’ latest release, ‘Self Destructor,’ is their most diverse track to date. With added synths and drumbeats that wouldn’t feel out of place in ‘The Prodigy’. the band is pushing the boundaries of post-punk experimentation.

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(Hard)core memory

by Glytsh

Hey freaks! We are Glytsh, an all-female electronic/rap/metal duo from London. Our music aims to empower and inspire our listeners, especially amongst women and the LGBTQ+ community. Hope you enjoy our first song!!

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That's Intense

by Sugarstone

Sugarstone have become well known in the live scene, supporting the likes of Strange Bones, The Blinders & Kid Kapichi however this is the first recorded track that really captures their live appeal! If you love intense, slightly hectic tracks that still offer a great melody then this is the one

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Dreams From Hell

by Staytus

I'm sharing 'Dreams From Hell," a single from my upcoming album "Disease Of The Mind." This song is about the pain and anguish of experiencing abuse over and over again. I built Dreams From Hells on elaborate synth-scapes, with distorted, warped guitars, and pulsating beats. I hope you love it.

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by The Blood Republic

Hey guys, i'm Zak from The Blood Republic and i'm all about making music that I love and I hope you love it too!

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Multiply The Stillness

by At The Heart Of The World

Hey! My band At The Heart Of The World just put out a new EP called Sorrow Uncoils, we are an Industrial/Dark EBM band with a strong background in DIY punk, hardcore and metal.

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by Tayne

The concept originated as a satire on contemporary pop music. With heavier music seeping into the mainstream our goal was to try test the limits of “Pop music” ideologies. Harsh industrial soundscapes, juxtaposed with overproduced vocals, sounds, verse chorus verse "pop" structures created our ethos

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Grave robber

by Slow Death

Slow Death is Slow death. Grave robber is about digging up the past. Feelings of righteousness, regret, guilt and seeing things in a new light.

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"I'm Done"

by Minus July

"I'm done." Many of us have said these words. Whether we've been strung along in an empty relationship, walked away from a negative influence, or waited for COVID-19 to go away, this song is about reaching the point of being over it. Musically, this our most diverse track released so far.

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by Divine Astronaut

Hey! We're Divine Astronaut and this is our new single "Voices". The video was filmed at Dracula's Castle in Transylvania, we hope you love it!

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Better Things

by Honeycub

Hi we're Honeycub, a neo-Grunge band from Leeds. Better Things is all about questioning where you are in life against where you'd like to be, and trying to move on from negative experiences and people, but constantly being sucked back in.

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Briefly about our sound: this is what happens when down-tuned metal meets synth-based electronic music. We're a two person formation with not just ambition to share our music with the world but to draw attention to global issues such as plastic pollution, covetousness and climate change.

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Strange Bones

Vicious is a brutal showcase of what we're capable of. The song is a demonstration of our vast influences and marks a turning point in the band’s evolution. Strange Bones was never meant to be a punk band or a rock band, the idea was to constantly evolve, with an underlying sonic signature.

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Spirit In The Room

The Spirit In The Room sound is complex and a challenge to categorize, a kaleidoscope of sound... compared to an experimental version of Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave, Black Sabbath and as loud and aggressive as Refused.

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Queen Of The Static Opera

Hi, I'm Queen Of The Static Opera and this song is "Deletedelete", an organ driven, gothic song about ascending into space and wanting to disappear. With love, the Queen.

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The Mon

The Mon, the new solo project by Urlo - best known as the lead vocalist, bass and synth player in heavy trio Ufomammut - officially announces the debut album Doppelleben, due for release on Supernatural Cat on November 8th. Check the video for the new title track below!

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Le Destroy

My name's Kristina Olson. Le Destroy's my new multi-media music project. During my last project I worked with people like Danny Lohner (NIN, A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson) & Dave Jerden (Alice In Chains, Jains Addiction). I love gnarly aggressive electronic instruments blended with real ones.

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We're Sectioned from Edinburgh and we're a Diana Ross cover band. This is our debut album Annihilated and it does what it says on the tin. The full album will be available at the end of April. Cover your ears and run.

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