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(Hard)core memory

by Glytsh

Hey freaks! We are Glytsh, an all-female electronic/rap/metal duo from London. Our music aims to empower and inspire our listeners, especially amongst women and the LGBTQ+ community. Hope you enjoy our first song!!

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by The Blood Republic

Hey guys, i'm Zak from The Blood Republic and i'm all about making music that I love and I hope you love it too!

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by Corpulent Provocateur

Brown is a song that reflects on the problems associated with alcohol addiction

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by inFade

Hey! We are inFade, an Alt Rock band based in York & Leeds pushing groove and hard riffs through flowing melodies and pop hooks to create an enticing listen and an energy unmatched live in the local scene. We release our groovy new single 'Embers' on June 28th, check it out!

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Porcelain Pink

PORCELAIN PINK are a fiery fuzz-fueled, painted pink post-grunge three-piece, with riffs more infectious than the plague.

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FLUX are a Hard Rock trio from Plymouth taking inspiration from many artists across the decades from Blues to Grunge.

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In My Disguise

Hey Guys! We're In My Disguise, a Suffolk-born, 4 piece rock band and this is our latest single "Find A Way Out", a hard-hitting, upbeat rocker about finding yourself in a dark place and knowing that you need to find a way out of it. We hope that you enjoy!

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Our new single 'swim.float.drown' is what you get if you mix a lot of ginger hair with a mouthful of grit, then ask Tom Morello to give it a once over, before shoving it in the oven for just the right amount of time so it melts in the mouth. Best served with Gin.

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