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Like a Fire Engine

by Dream of a Man in a Top Hat

Two thirds of Boston 80’s post-punk band Native Tongue, Lee Leffler and Michael Frackleton comprise the psychedelic/alt rock/post-punk duo Dream of a Man in a Top Hat. After their well received EP and album, Dream of a Man in a Top Hat are now releasing a series of singles.

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by Seven Spies

Hey guys, we're Seven Spies and this is our debut single “Chameleon”. The track is about the different faces, personas and behaviour we put on to negotiate our daily lives. Hope you dig it!

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Porcelain Pink

PORCELAIN PINK are a fiery fuzz-fueled, painted pink post-grunge three-piece, with riffs more infectious than the plague.

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“Dirty Little Lie” is about control, succumbing to it or taking it tf back. It’s also about the devil card in the tarot. it‘s not meant to be preachy. it’s meant to shine a light in the murk of our conditionings and ask who are you under the influence of – the angel or the devil?

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The Howling Lords

Scottish hard-edged dirty blues trio, THE HOWLING LORDS, have just revealed a brand new track, Black Dog, which has been picked from their forthcoming sophomore album, Texas Medicine, out via all platforms on Friday 30th November.

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Hi we're Swears, a fuzzy alternative rock band originating from Middlesbrough. We write songs about impending apocalypses, crazed lunatic's believing in their own deity, and other paranoid subjects.

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Hey, we are We are an all-girls trio on the heavier side of music, with fuzzy riffs, driving drum rhythms and shouty vocals. We have been gigging for nearly 2 years now and released our first EP in December 2017.

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