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by Movment

We produce raw, intense, engaging, and real alternative rock music with guitars, electronics, bass, drums and experiments with sound. We use technology & instruments to produce their sound, and make observations on life and living.

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Twitter Troll

by Dead End America

We are Dead End America, our message of intent is clear. "Jack-hammering, old-school style hardcore tunes...written and played by a rogues gallery of real deal music lifers as a condemnation of the criminal Trump administration and republican party." - writes Mark Lanegan in our liner notes

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People Pleaser

by the HighAteUs

After the long pause between 2004's "Defeat the Purpose" and now, "People Pleaser" is the first single since the HighAteUs returned to the Third Dimension in November 2019. The new album, "Zone of Silence" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and other questionable retailers.

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Victory Lap

by Let Man Loose

‘When people fall in love, they tend to want to share it with the whole world, like they’re showing off a trophy or waving their arm out of the window like a winning race car driver. Be a good sport and let them enjoy that moment’ / Marc Ainley on ‘Victory Lap’

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by Death Cult Electric

DEATH CULT ELECTRIC emerged at the tail end of 2019 to widespread critical acclaim - fronted by Steffan Pringle formerly of ESTRONS and erst-whilst Welsh wunderkid producer responsible for Boy Azooga, HIMALAYAS, ESTRONS, Adwaith.

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by Arabnormal

Hey, this slays. We're from Belgium. We're ARABNORMAL. Peace

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by Jack Rabbit Slams

Fast rising Scottish three-piece JACK RABBIT SLAMS have just dropped a blistering new single, Crackerjack - , which has been taken from their incoming debut album and namesake, Crackerjack, out later in the year.

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Sub Pacific

We're Sub Pacific, this is our debut single "Can You" we'll be opening the main stage of the Isle of Wight Festival 2019 on Sunday 16th June. Our sound takes elements of rock and grunge incorporating themes of self-acceptance and personal hurdles in an eclectic way.

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REAPERZ are a two piece heavy rock band from Aberdeen, Scotland. Debut single ‘The Living Dead’ takes a clear pop at the monotonies of the every day 9-5 life: “How can you say the grass isn’t greener? You’ve never seen the other side!”.

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42 King

Hey hey! 42 King here. Stadium Punk Rock band. Jumpstart is our 4th single and by far the most killer. We tracked the entire song to a 16-track tape machine at a studio in Echo Park, CA. Spotify put Jumpstart on their ‘New Punk Tracks’ playlist. So we’re stoked.

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Luna Kiss

LUNA KISS have unleashed a stunning lyric video for 'Not Afraid', a track taken from the band’s debut album, Following Shadows, out on Friday 12th April.

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Nuns Of The Tundra

Bristol newcomers NUNS OF THE TUNDRA peel back rock to its bare bones and customise it with the use of nifty electro beats and enriching desert rock riffery. The alternative four-piece released their enthralling new single, Pray 4 U, Slay 4 U.

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Steel Trees

Heavy, Fast, Loud. Full on fuzz fest. Trio of brother bashing one out up and down the motorways for the last 6 years. Supporting Dinosaur Jr, Deap Vally, God Damn. Lovely music for tea HELL!

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Monkey Fighters

Queens of the Stone Age meets Muse meets Faith No More nods politely to The Wildhearts shakes hands with Soundgarden punches Bieber in the snoot. We mix big guitar riffs and prog keyboards with punk energy and top it off with quirkily epic vocals.

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Our new single 'swim.float.drown' is what you get if you mix a lot of ginger hair with a mouthful of grit, then ask Tom Morello to give it a once over, before shoving it in the oven for just the right amount of time so it melts in the mouth. Best served with Gin.

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Hi we're Swears, a fuzzy alternative rock band originating from Middlesbrough. We write songs about impending apocalypses, crazed lunatic's believing in their own deity, and other paranoid subjects.

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Icarus Dive

ICARUS DIVE have racked up comparisons stemming from System Of A Down, Radiohead, through to Queen. The alternative crew have just released a new video for Hydra - , which is lifted from the band’s new EP, Among The Thorns, out 21st September.

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Gold Phoenix

Hi guys, we're three men who play Garage Rock music, we sound like if Billy Corgan somehow squeezed his way into The Black Keys. We've played all around the country as well as our first headline European tour in Feb & March. We've played with some established bands and even X-Pac from WWE...WAT? yes

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Shaken Tailor

We're a project who like to do what we want. We love heavy rock with nuts and melody and just a sprinkling of cheese!!

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Black Moth

Hey! We are Black Moth and if you like big riffs then check out our new single Moonbow from our next album Anatomical Venus out on 2nd March.

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