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by Black Nines

Hi all! This is Mike from Black Nines, asking you to put your face in the sonic vacuum that is 'piss-take'. Enjoy!

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Live session

by Sunday Panic

Hi! We are Sunday Panic a Post-punk Band between Blitz and the Smiths that rips your ears off and kicks your head in the teeth. This is our first Live session, this 4 tracks will be in our second EP (release in October). This is 100% DIY. Cheers !

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Plauge or Pain

by Lex Maria

Hey Punktastic! new song out and last on our new EP. Its weird and cool and we hope you like it. Play loud!

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TV Personality

by Alpha Pet

TV Personality, the third single from the fast emerging Swedish post-punk band, is a melancholic punk rock song in wide screen technicolor format that will make you beat your chest and belt out the chorus from the first listen.

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Too Fast

by Alpha Pet

On second single "Too Fast" the new Swedish post-punk band Alpha Pet takes listener on a dark, suggestive hunt through the jungle of life. The huge sounding track revolves around the mysterious and pulsating (sexy!) feeling that the bass, drums and leather whip produce.

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Concept of Power

by Alpha Pet

Alpha Pet will bend your ears like Uri Geller bends his spoons. Combining the avantgarde elements of Talking Heads, the rawness of The Fall with the catchiness of The Clash, the Stockholm four-piece play their post punk with telekinetic energy.

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by Draygon Lotter

Sup, I'm Draygon Lotter but my mates often call me Dray, this track is called 10-34(police code for riot) just by the title you can already guess the atmosphere of the song, it's fast paced, heart pumping and filled with rage. It's perfect for bar fights or if you're fixing on rioting

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by Movment

We produce raw, intense, engaging, and real alternative rock music with guitars, electronics, bass, drums and experiments with sound. We use technology & instruments to produce their sound, and make observations on life and living.

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The Stupid Song

by Ash Red

Ash Red are a three-piece rock band from Cork, Ireland. Formed in January 2019 by school friends Conrad Twomey, Arthur Murray and Maciek Zwirkowski,our debut single, “The Stupid Song” was released in April 2021 via Galway’s Blowtorch Records.

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Grave Love

by The Shan

Hello Everyone, We are The Shan, An Atomic Bomb with Guitars from Scotland. This is our new single Grave Love and its inspired by Joy Division, Black Flag, The Book Perfume and Tenents Lager.

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by La Sanyea Dengue

Automobile was written after singer Simon Lindberg had a near death experience when a car almost killed him at a pedestrian crossing. The driver was on his phone not paying attention to what was in front of him. The lyrics are to be viewed from the drivers perspective.

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Broken Memories

by Dead Rituals

Hi! Dead Rituals is a band with a focus on playing melodic punk rock, spiked up with other elements, such as dreamy textures and other atmospheric sounds. Our music is somewhat dark, but not gloomy, and still energetic!

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When The Lights Go Down

by Pat & Mac

In a world where finite resources are hoarded by corrupt leaders who rule with an iron fist and darkness enshrouds all who walk in their shadow, two heroes have emerged to shine ray of hope. With the power of raw, unadulterated rock music, they strike a blow against the tyrannical forces of evil.

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Fate of the Animals

by Winternationale

New music from Melbourne post punk duo, Winternationale. Called 'Fate of the Animals' this new single is a meditation on Franz Marc's famous painting which that seeks to capture something of the work's urgency & disquiet.

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by Venus Furs

Hi, I'm Paul Kasner aka Venus Furs, and Paranoia is the newest single from my upcoming debut album on my own label Silk Screaming Records. I wrote Paranoia as an examination of mental health, attempting to explore the feelings of depression and anxiety. I hope you like it.

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Tequila Sunrise

by Hollow Graves

Toronto post-punk rockers Hollow Graves emerge from the darkness with “Tequila Sunrise,” the first single from their most fully realised project to date. The song sees the band shifts the balance from their post-punk origins to a more melodic indie rock sound.

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by Or

Hi, we are Or from Prague and have just released a video with a brand new single from our third full-length record. The album is called Smutný stroje (tran. The Sad Machines) and will be out by the end of June 2020 on the Prague-based record label Silver Rocket.

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by Rain To Rust

This is the first single off our album 'Stillborn Flowers'. It is an uptempo Darkwave tune with lyrics influenced by Emil Cioran's 'A Short History Of Decay' - melancholic and straightforward at the same time.

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Everything I learnt about girls, I learnt from Captain Kirk

by An English Settlement

Hi all, we are An English Settlement from the East Midlands, UK. This track is from our debut e.p which was self recorded and produced. It takes a light hearted look at your typical keyboard warrior

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Behind The Blue Sky

by Sonny Hell

Behind The Blue Sky started as an attempt to write a song with a guitar hook reminiscent of The Jesus And Mary Chain, then it morphed into something a bit more inspired by Joy Division, now it probably sounds like neither... or both? The lyrics are about navigating a depression.

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