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Sweet Dreams, You Bastard

by Candi Scissors

Two new spiky noise punk tracks from the weirdos in Candi Scissors, featuring a guitar solo recorded from jail.

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by Vini Vicious

We are Vini Vicious, your favorite Post-whatever band from Tel-Aviv. "Fuzzy" is seen as a landmark song by the band. It started off as a catchy tune during a rehearsal back when the band was a trio, slowly developing from a heavy riff into a Pop driven melody with an epic chorus.

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Complex Wave

by Anxious Wave

We are a post-punk/noise rock band from Providence, RI. We have recently finished recording our first full length album, shared the stage with bands across many genres including ‘68, Today Is The Day, Pentagram, Torche, High Command, The Proletariat, indicative of our genre-bending sound. Check it!

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by Versari

French post-punk three-piece Versari are delighted to announce the UK release of their emotive third album, Sous la Peau, out on 16th November 2020 via Good Deeds. To announce the release, Versari have unveiled a three track set including album tracks 'Brûle', 'Des Images' and 'Plus de Tristesse'.

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back to normal

by Paranoid Visions

Hey... we are Paranoid Visions.... we are the longest serving punk rock band that Ireland has produced! We also have an alternative identity as Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions where we have teamed up with the Crass vocalist to record 3 albums and 3 singles!

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Model Slashes Actor

by The All Black Cast

Hi friends! We are a band from San Jose, Costa Rica influenced by Gang of Four, Jesus Lizard and Gary Numan. Our featured track is Model Slashes Actor. Enjoy!!!

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by Pet Crow

We're Pet Crow & this track is VERY self-explanatory - It's quick, fuzzy, garage-punk, with a hint of frustration. If you don't know what the song is about, we want to know your secrets! This is the 2nd single from our 2nd LP 'Take The Edge Off'. We also made a daft DIY video on YouTube you can check out.

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Hey, we're a three piece anarchist post-punk band from Brighton. Herded is our latest single, its a song about the alienating drudgery of commuting. We hope it resonates with you.

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‘Dead People Are Easier To Love’ marks an assertive step forward for the group’s sound, turning to 80s synthesisers and the likes of Cold Cave and John Maus for inspiration. Penned just 72 hours before the band were set to record with Greaves, the new single captures a sonic and lyrical urgency.

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