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My Eyes

by Oversize

"My Eyes" was written after reflecting how many hours I spend looking at a screen. The feeling of becoming a slave to technology, the impact it can have on social anxiety and the toll it can have on both mental and physical health.

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Living in Constant

by Venus Furs

Hi, I'm Paul Kasner aka Venus Furs. "Living in Constant" is my newest single from my upcoming debut LP. I've spent the last few years working on this collection of songs, I hope you enjoy it!

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Horror My Friend

Hey there friend. We’re a three-piece fuzz rock/noise pop band from Adelaide, South Australia. We do some loud things. We do some soft things.

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Spotlights, the Brooklyn-based band are set to release second album "Love & Decay" on 26 April via Ipecac Recordings. Their music is iron tone in a velvet glove: striking with full force, perfectly balancing a weight that's also sublime in it's beauty.

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The Lynch

Hi! Our new album 'Everything Ends' is out and can be downloaded on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Add it to your Spotify playlist too. The album was recorded live in three hours with completely old-fashioned methods - we hope you like it! Much love from Istanbul, Turkey

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Hey, We are Feeze, Feeze is an Noise / Indie Rock band formed in Pandeglang - Banten, Indonesia. We had Releases EP called "HEDGEHOG's DILEMMA" via digital streaming media Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and Deezer. CD's & Cassette's available November via Ofto Records

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Perhapsy is the solo project of musician/graphic-artist Derek Barber, guitarist and songwriter of Bay Area-based groups Curls (Christopher Owens of Girls), Bells Atlas, and contributor to Astronauts, etc. and Madeline Kenney.

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‘Dead People Are Easier To Love’ marks an assertive step forward for the group’s sound, turning to 80s synthesisers and the likes of Cold Cave and John Maus for inspiration. Penned just 72 hours before the band were set to record with Greaves, the new single captures a sonic and lyrical urgency.

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Did You Die

Greetings! We're Did You Die from Victoria, BC, Canada. If it matters, we've shared the stage with the likes of Swervedriver, Nothing, Yuck and Sunflower Bean! This is our new single that we recorded with Jordan Koop (The Courtneys, Dead Soft) at The Noise Floor Studios. Debut LP coming this year!

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