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8 Tonne

by The Liars Club

“We like music to make you feel something. We not only want the lyrics to open your eyes, but we want the music to bring out the fire in your soul. The Liars Club is not a place of violence or hate; it’s a haven for people to come to. We are theirs and they are ours.”

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by Tayne

The concept originated as a satire on contemporary pop music. With heavier music seeping into the mainstream our goal was to try test the limits of “Pop music” ideologies. Harsh industrial soundscapes, juxtaposed with overproduced vocals, sounds, verse chorus verse "pop" structures created our ethos

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by Toronto Blessings

Hi we're Toronto Blessings! A Noise Rock group from Barnsley. Our new single LiFE is a short sharp punch to the gut. It's about getting the point across with brevity and sincerity.Life is lyrically inspired by seeking improvement always leading to a feeling a sense of failure, but being honest.

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Set up a Camera

by Spring Silver

Started as a solo project after the dissolution of their band "Aerial View", Spring Silver is an exploration and celebration of DC multi-instrumentalist K Nkanza's identity as a queer person of color.

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by Alpha Hopper

Hi. ALPHA HOPPER here. We make a kind of guitar-driven rock'n'roll punk that comes off as weirdo no-wave wanna be hardcore. A dark wall of sound punctuated by catchy, cryptic vocals. Intense but still fun. Check out our 2nd LP "Aloha Hopper" out June 22nd

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Screen Wives

Hi! UK queercore Screen Wives stalwarts are releasing their second album digitally on bandcamp on 6th May.

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