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Hi, we are KOLLAPS\E from Sweden and here's some heavy post-metal for you. Murrain (mur-in) is an old english word for plague. And thats what this song is about.

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He's Dead Jim


Birthed from the Miami underground scene, SAAVIK is a punk/metal/industrial "supergroup" of sorts. Its members are or have been involved in influential groups including Holly Hunt, Bleeth, Laboratory, Haochi, Beings, Cavity, and Floor.

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Hi guys, this is our debut single 'Dawn Creature'. The single comes from our debut EP 'The Sacred Dissonance' and showcases everything that we are about; ethereal atmospherics, crushing crescendos, blackened fury and pulverising doom!

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Pelican, the instrumental quartet whose singular vision of heavy music eschews classification, have announced their first full length in six years, Nighttime Stories, is due June 7th via Southern Lord Recordings.

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Spotlights, the Brooklyn-based band are set to release second album "Love & Decay" on 26 April via Ipecac Recordings. Their music is iron tone in a velvet glove: striking with full force, perfectly balancing a weight that's also sublime in it's beauty.

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