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by Adliga

We are five and we are from Minsk, Belarus. In this project we create original music in the doom/post metal genre, inspired by belarusian culture. Track's lyrics is in Belarusian language and features complex arrangements, interlacing heavy riffs with airy post-rock passages and doomy solos.

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70 cm³ of Your Chest

Hey! We are 70 cm³ of Your Chest! We have just released our second album. Some of us had emotionally hard times while writing ‘When I Was a Dinosaur’ - it was written in cooperation with pain, loss, childhood traumas and grief. In some sense it’s a tribute to the past and a lesson of letting go.

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So we are the band that you wouldn't expect when you hear that we are from the sunny Costa Rica, we like to merge the aggressive elements of the 00s Cleveland hardcore sound with the brooding ambient elements from Post-Hardcore. This single will be included in a split on April 1st.

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