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by Dead Moths

We are Dead Moths, a five piece noisecore band from Derby, UK. We play chaotic live shows and shout a lot about politics

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by Dead Moths

We’re Dead Moths, a politically motivated five-piece hardcore band from Derby. Keep in touch for more recordings and dates of chaotic live shows

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by Shallow Teeth

This is the sound of 4 people slowly losing their minds. The EP shows a lot of the angst everyone has been feeling over the last year, and then the release of being able to come back into the world after

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Get Light

by Nobody, No One

We are Nobody, No One and this is “Get Light”, the single off our 2020 self-titled E.P. This E.P. is a concept E.P., but at this point, the character is finally finding respite and solace when he really needs it.

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Don't Wanna Be Here

by Gator Pit

Hey guys, we're a Chaotic Metalcore band from Detroit, Michigan, and this is our first ever music video! Sticking to our true DIY ethos, we shot and edited this video ourselves using only the resources we had. Enjoy!

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No Country

by dreamer//drowner

Hello! 'Birdbrains is the debut EP from Maryland post hardcore duo dreamer//drowner. Written and recorded in 24 hours with minimal edits the album features five explosive tracks of pure emotion and angst in its most frenetic and rawest form.'

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Bones // Plastic Lights

by Operation Kino

Here's a sick couple of tracks by 4 boys who make noise. These songs are up to the listener's interpretation, we hope you like them as much as we do. We spent far too much time writing them, and not enough time recording them. Love and Riffs, Operation Kino, from Brighton.

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Brace Yourself!

by Balsam Grove

Hey friends! We are Balsam Grove and this is our brand new single, 'Brace Yourself!' which will be featured on our upcoming full-length album! If you like high energy, melodic, pissed off music with technical guitars, intense drums and groovy bass, then you want to check out this track!

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In Case Of Humanity

by Grace.Will.Fall

We’re stoked to present the first single from our upcoming fourth album. The song really shows the more dark and metal influenced direction this record has taken compared to earlier releases. To keep it raw we also kept the recording process out of the digital world and exclusively on analog tape.

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by The Devil Wears Prada

"Musically I love that Chemical bends lines. It's not so much rock, not metal, not post-hardcore... that's a big part of The Act's character and Chemical is a hooky one to exemplify that. It always felt like a special track to us and it's one that pushes the boundaries of what TDWP can sound like."

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So we are the band that you wouldn't expect when you hear that we are from the sunny Costa Rica, we like to merge the aggressive elements of the 00s Cleveland hardcore sound with the brooding ambient elements from Post-Hardcore. This single will be included in a split on April 1st.

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Sideshow Cinema

Hey we're Sideshow Cinema. We released our first album last year titled 'Palace' on Flesh and Bone Records. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Hi ! We're DEAD KIWIS, we're releasing our new EP "SYSTEMATIC HOME RUN" the 28th of January 2019 on vinyls and here's the first single ! It's a somekind of mathcore/hardcore music like DEP, Norma Jean, Converge. Hope you'll like it !

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Gravel Pit

Yo yo yo! We are Gravel Pit from Wiltshire! The coolest band from the most uncool county in England! We like big dirty riffs and bouncy groovin' riddims!

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Greyhaven are a progressive metal band from Louisville, Kentucky that just signed to Graphic Nature / Equal Vision Records! Features impactful, driving energy and underlying ethereal tones that set the stage for the band’s abrasive compositions.

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