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Public Execution

by Worn

We're a hardcore punk band from Wilkes Barre. If you like moshing, you'll like this. If you like d-beat you'll like this. Preorder the LP now as it is almost sold out.

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Welcome To Austerity Britain

by Lay It On The Line

Ex and current members of In Evil Hour, River Jumpers, Hang The Bastard - our 2nd album just came out today and this is the first track from it.... on the state of our beloved country.

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So we are the band that you wouldn't expect when you hear that we are from the sunny Costa Rica, we like to merge the aggressive elements of the 00s Cleveland hardcore sound with the brooding ambient elements from Post-Hardcore. This single will be included in a split on April 1st.

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New EP from a new band. Based in the midlands. Recorded with Ian Boult (Basement, repentance etc.) Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Aiming to get heads banging.

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