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by Shallow Teeth

This is the sound of 4 people slowly losing their minds. The EP shows a lot of the angst everyone has been feeling over the last year, and then the release of being able to come back into the world after

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No Lower Place To Fall

by NIL

Hi, We are NIL from Leeds. We play heavy music to awkwardly bop your head too. Previous members of Humanfly, Dao, Richard Parker and current member of Cognizance. No Lower Place to Fall- Released 8th January 2021. Thanks.

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What We Saw Before the Darkness

by Jumpman

Hi there! We are Jumpman; an experimental hardcore/Nintendocore duo from Watford, Hertfordshire. With our blend of hardcore, math rock, and 8-bit chip tune, as well as our notoriously energetic and chaotic live shows, we have played along side bands such as Palm Reader, The Hell, and Creature.

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Hi ! We're DEAD KIWIS, we're releasing our new EP "SYSTEMATIC HOME RUN" the 28th of January 2019 on vinyls and here's the first single ! It's a somekind of mathcore/hardcore music like DEP, Norma Jean, Converge. Hope you'll like it !

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Operation Kino

Hey Guys, we're Operation Kino. We've released our new track A.T.D which will feature on our new EP. Our aim with this track was create something that would capture our live sound. Its one of the heaviest and most aggressive off the new record and leans heavily on our Mathcore influences.

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A brief bio of us, we are a three piece experimental metal band whose primary aim is to do what we want. This attitude can be observed in our hectic live performance which has already seen us play with the likes of Palm Reader & Astroid Boys

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Hey! We are FINTE from Germany. Our music combines the best (or worst) of post-hardcore, math-rock or progressive rock until we ourselves wonder about the outcome. If you like strange time signatures, guitar outbreaks, but also some catchy melodies, give it a listen! We just released an EP!

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We're Sectioned from Edinburgh and we're a Diana Ross cover band. This is our debut album Annihilated and it does what it says on the tin. The full album will be available at the end of April. Cover your ears and run.

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Trespasser are a 4 piece progressive hardcore band from the UK. Tackling political issues via a fusion of hardcore/ punk & thrash. Our DNA is made up of fast, relentless big riffs & passionate lyrics & vocals. We have a total disregard for what is "current" and/ or "fashionable". We are what we are

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