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Three Pints

by Bluebirds

Bluebirds are a light-hearted, slightly tongue-in-cheek hardcore punk/grunge band from Exeter

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Wet Soaking Wet

by Shevils

Hi! This is our new single ”Wet Soaking Wet” It´s Shevils fifth single from the album ”Miracle of the Sun” Hope you like it :)

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by Same Gods

Post-hardcore band Same Gods album 'Worried Eyes' was released in July. It's a fantastic combination of nostalgic 90's throwback, mixed with fresh energy.

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by Fret!

Hello, We are Fret! - Rob Woodcock (drums / vocals), Cath Tyler (bass / vocals) and Steve Strode (guitar). 3 'heart of darkness' fuzz monsters riding a tidal wave up the Tyne to soundtrack a Mexican bar brawl. This track is taken from our 2nd album, 'A Vanity Spawned By Fear'. Play loud & enjoy!

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Missiles of October

Hi !!!! MISSILES OF OCTOBER "BETTER DAYS" new album OUT NOW in CD /LP / TAPE / DIGITAL (for free)!!!! on POGO RECORDS, EBUS MUSIC , TRUMMER RECORDS, BONOBO STOMP, FORBIDDEN PLACE , WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST & SKATE PIZZA RECORDS we are playing a mix of noise rock, sludge, stoner, punk ! allready 55

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Luna Wyld

2 piece rocker from Plymouth. We like riffs!

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Trespasser are a 4 piece progressive hardcore band from the UK. Tackling political issues via a fusion of hardcore/ punk & thrash. Our DNA is made up of fast, relentless big riffs & passionate lyrics & vocals. We have a total disregard for what is "current" and/ or "fashionable". We are what we are

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