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Toxic Wasteman

by California Cheeseburger

We are California Cheeseburger, a 4-piece punk rock band from Surrey, UK. After a busy 2023 filled with shows, we are gearing up to release our third EP in March. The release of the new EP begins with our new single, 'Toxic Wasteman'. Out on all streaming platforms now.

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Slow Murder


RONKER, the speed noise band hailing from the heart of the swamplands of Belgium, released their new single ‘Slow Murder’ on FEB 20th. 'Slow Murder’ acts like a hand grenade sized song full of dissonant aggression, fueled by the ability to put things in perspective.

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Street Trash

by Maggot House

In celebration of all things sleaze, Maggot House bring exploitation film 'Street Trash' back into the spotlight with this lowbrow punk release. Inspired by the 1987 splatter-film, 'Street Trash' has explosive lyrics to make any gutter-punk smile. Prepare for a molten trash-punk takeover!

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I am an artist in small-town coastal NC, outside any music scene whatsoever. Literary storytelling and dark humor meet raw, urgent, lo-fi punk and power pop on this DIY record. Born out of an unbearably stressful period in my life and submitted from true backwater obscurity. Hope you enjoy!

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Sensory Overload

by Rawbots

Hey Everyone! We are the Rawbots from Norwich in the UK! We have just released our debut EP of All Killer and No Filler Punk Madness and Mayhem! It's called Sensory Overload and This is the title track from it! It's loud, Fast, Relentless and has an extremely memorable chorus!, We hope you love it!

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Too Little Too Late

by Dead On A Friday

Dead On A Friday is stoked to share our brand new album “Limited Time Offer”! We’re a Queens, NY based power trio playing driving punk rock in the vein of Bad Religion with a bit of Misfits and maybe even some Propagandhi thrown in! Check out “Too Little Too Late”- hope you enjoy!

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The Vast of Night

by Mars Addict

I'm Rolf, the bassist. THE VAST OF NIGHT was inspired by the movie of the same name (available on Prime Video) and it reproduces the tension and mistery behind an unexpected event in a quiet and small city - but with a catchy chorus. The song will be part of our second album.

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076-942-000 (Call me)

by Unörthadox

Hi everyone, we are Unörthadox and we are a Punk band with grunge, hardcore, and experimental influence. This is our very first song we have recorded and released as a band and we are very excited about it. We think its a catchy tune, we are trying to bring back the DIY values of punk, help us out.

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Fit The Mold

by Chalk Tiger

We are a newly founded punk band from Jacksonvile,FL. We've just recently recorded our first record at Warehouse studios located in Jacksonville. We're excited to share our first single 'Fit The Mold'. We hope you enjoy it!

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Behind a Badge and Gun

by Glen Burnout

Hello everyone. My name is Legion for we are many. You may call me Glen. Much like my favorite appendage, my views lean ever so slightly to the Left. But only just.

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The Great Rite

by Absinthe Vows

Hello all! We are Absinthe Vows, a new band from Columbus, Ohio. We tend to lean more dark in sound, but we do count everyone from The Beatles or T-Rex, to Sisters Of Mercy as influences. This track is showing more our punky side!

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Angels And Demons

by Class Tourists

Hi, we're Class Tourists, Lo=Fi punks from West Yorkshire. This is our debut single "Angels and Demons". It was recorded entirely DIY (the vocals were recorded in my wardrobe). We're anti-ego and anti-bigotry, and we're playing songs with socially-conscious lyrics and untamed, saturated sounds,

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Fox Den Fun Times

by Dave Eats Mud

Nature, aggression, and melody had a love child, and they named it Dave Eats Mud. Our music is your generic 4-on-the-floor mid tempo poppy punk, kinda like an unfunny version of the Vandals, an uninspiring Social Distortion, or a non-terrifying Misfits.

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Kids On Glue

by The Red Bastards

We are The Red Bastards, a no nonsense punk rock band from Mid Wales. We formed in the midst of a pandemic, writing songs on subjects most wouldn’t dare. If you like your music hard and in your face with no bullshit we've got you covered. Here's our song Kids On Glue, fun times they were!

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Grizzly End

by Cool Chair

A fun B-horror movie themed blend of catchy melodic punk and post-hardcore with unexpected elements of both progressive and death metal. Full album The HorrorShow is the perfect Halloween soundtrack, out October 22nd!

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F*ck The Fiends


Würzburg/Hell. Freaks, murder and creatures from the underworld are just some of the themes that the horrorpunk band Dead United implement in their songs. The band has been on the scene for many years and has long been a household name in the German community.

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Feels Good

by Slow Death

I exist in a dystopian reality where parasites pose as philanthropists, governing us ever close to destruction. This song is a tribute to their hysteria.

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by Pornscars

We mix styles we like, write songs about messed up things we find interesting, and are as ugly on the inside as we are on the outside! Debut Album available for FREE Download.

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Greatest Night

by North131

Cruising in from Grand Rapids Michigan, North131 brings you original fast melodic punk rock songs that follows the journey of singer/songwriter Devin Kelch

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The Silent Witness

by Chaneys

We are a punk rock band inspired by horror, founded on Halloween's eve of 2017 in Moscow, Russia. A perfect fit for all Misfits, Blitzkid or Wednesday 13 fans, with catchy melodies, great vocals and whoa-ooohs, that will stick in your head for the rest of the day. And this is our most recent song.

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