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Fox Den Fun Times

by Dave Eats Mud

Nature, aggression, and melody had a love child, and they named it Dave Eats Mud. Our music is your generic 4-on-the-floor mid tempo poppy punk, kinda like an unfunny version of the Vandals, an uninspiring Social Distortion, or a non-terrifying Misfits.

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Kids On Glue

by The Red Bastards

We are The Red Bastards, a no nonsense punk rock band from Mid Wales. We formed in the midst of a pandemic, writing songs on subjects most wouldn’t dare. If you like your music hard and in your face with no bullshit we've got you covered. Here's our song Kids On Glue, fun times they were!

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Grizzly End

by Cool Chair

A fun B-horror movie themed blend of catchy melodic punk and post-hardcore with unexpected elements of both progressive and death metal. Full album The HorrorShow is the perfect Halloween soundtrack, out October 22nd!

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F*ck The Fiends


Würzburg/Hell. Freaks, murder and creatures from the underworld are just some of the themes that the horrorpunk band Dead United implement in their songs. The band has been on the scene for many years and has long been a household name in the German community.

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Feels Good

by Slow Death

I exist in a dystopian reality where parasites pose as philanthropists, governing us ever close to destruction. This song is a tribute to their hysteria.

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by Pornscars

We mix styles we like, write songs about messed up things we find interesting, and are as ugly on the inside as we are on the outside! Debut Album available for FREE Download.

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Greatest Night

by North131

Cruising in from Grand Rapids Michigan, North131 brings you original fast melodic punk rock songs that follows the journey of singer/songwriter Devin Kelch

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The Silent Witness

by Chaneys

We are a punk rock band inspired by horror, founded on Halloween's eve of 2017 in Moscow, Russia. A perfect fit for all Misfits, Blitzkid or Wednesday 13 fans, with catchy melodies, great vocals and whoa-ooohs, that will stick in your head for the rest of the day. And this is our most recent song.

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Nobody Cares About America Anymore

by The Bloody Hell

It’s been two years since Halifax, Canada’s The Bloody Hell released their award-nominated (Loud Recording of the Year” – NSMA 2018) self-titled debut album and now they are ready to end the apocalypse known as 2020 with a taste of their new single “Nobody Cares About America Anymore”.

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Hard Candy

by Psychoward

Hey guys! We're Psychoward, a teenage punk rock duo from Los Angeles. We just released our debut EP Black Lagoon, Inc. across all major streaming services, and this is the final track from the EP. It's upbeat, punchy, epic, and not your typical pop punk/pop rock track. Enjoy!

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by Batboner

We are Batboner. We play deathrock, but we take inspiration from everything from surf, to goth, to punk to progressive rock, and beyond. Ikon is the track that showcases this best. Inspired by the French deathrock bass guitar and horror punk gang vocals, we think it’s very catchy.

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by Killer Wails

A staple of the Toronto Punk Scene, The Killer Wails straddle the space between punk rock and classic rock. They've graced the stage with notable acts like Cancer Bats,The Isotopes,The Murderburgers and Boids. During the great Lockdown, The Killer Wails enjoy sharing memes over their band chat.

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by Batshit Crazy

Hey All, Here is a track off our debut album called "Ghosts", if you're not familiar with us yet we love Horror Films and sing about the ones we love most. If you like it, take a listen to other at our bandcamp page. Thanks for checking it out!

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LDNYC (Lockdonw NYC)

by The Velvicks

Meet The Velvicks. According to the drummer, the EP is about bringing Stadium Rock into your pockets. This song 'LDNYC' is about punching corona back in the face.

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Young Offender

by Duke of Vandals

We are Duke of Vandals, a punk-metal band based in Brooklyn, New York. "Young Offender" is our newest single, if you miss being at a loud live show, in the mosh pit, you can sing along with us to this track while in quarantine and feel like you are at one of our shows.

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Broken Heart Gang

by Joanna and The Dropouts

Hey! We are Joanna and The Dropouts if you're Good at Being Bad like us then you'll love what we have in store. "Broken Heart Gang" is our 4th release, Horror Surf Punk dance anthem would best describe the track, it’s dark, it’s moody but it’s catchy as hell!

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Junk Drawer

by Hostile Omish

Hey punks! We're the Hostile Omish - a name synonymous with Ohio punk for the past three decades! Here is Junk Drawer, the latest single from our 30th anniversary album, XXX! Pick up or stream a copy and rock out to BARNCORE!!

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Chopping Mall

by Prayer Line

Prayer Line is a horror punk band that writes fun songs about fright flicks and other weird shit. Our debut record "Drink The Blood" was just released and we're about to start touring.

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by Reptilians From Andromeda

Reptilians From Andromeda's new Ep "Bloodlust Of The Doll Witch" now has a new video "Rogarou" Istanbul's well known garage punk band, Reptilians From Andromeda's new Ep "Bloodlust Of The Doll Witch" was released on KKRecords last month. It has 5 psycho-thrilled punk songs. All recordings were mixe

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Koffin Kids

We are the epitome of DIY in a scene plagued by pay to play bullshit and rich kids using daddy's money to buy a music career.

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