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Ghost in the Grey

by Hound

we are Hound, five 30 somethings with dodgy knees and broken dreams from the Diesel City, we deliver catchy hooks, riffs and melodies with a sprinkle of nostalgia to take listeners back to a much easier time in life. Ghost is basically about a woman who’s life turns to shit and she becomes a ghost.

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FBA (Did You Dirty)


Hi I'm ALXNDR and my Latest Track "FBA (Did You Dirty)" Explores the Unsettling World of Hypersexualization

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Another Ghost

by Failstate

Hey we are Failstate - Emo-Punk band from Newport, South Wales UK. "Another Ghost" is the first track we ever started writing together as a band & part of our forthcoming debut 'Sad Truth' EP available 9th June!

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Knocking At My Door

by Caustic Waves

I'm Neil, a one-man-band from Scotland - Caustic Waves. This track 'Knocking At My Door' is taken from my new EP, 'Full Circle'. Imagine the melodies of Incubus crossed with the rhythmic grooves of Helmet and Quicksand - alternative rock with a post-hardcore twist, and a pinch of late 90s nostalgia.

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More For Me To Write

by The Running Free

We are Brit alt-rock crew, THE RUNNING FREE, and we are poised to make our mark with our new anthemic new single, Belief, on Friday 14th October. For now, please check out our past single, More For Me To Write.

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Hell Below

by Future Lows

Hi we are Future Lows from Ireland, Honesty, aggression and heart are at the forefront for us every-time we write a song.

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by Prey drive

Hey all! We are Prey Drive & you are listening to our new single Socrates, taken from our upcoming EP "Neon God" (May 28th). Expect a powerhouse of authoritative rock riffs intertwined with intricate mathematical lead lines and a dream-like ambience, with soaring vocals soaked in canorous harmonies.

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By Your Side

by Dead Reynolds

We are Dead Reynolds and we have just dropped our spanking new single and video for 'By Your Side'. The track is prised from the our sophomore EP, 'Frontier'.

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by Oaths

Oaths are a dynamically violent post-hardcore trio based in Manchester.
We've been around for quite a while now but we're officialy back after a brief semi-hiatus.
Alone is our first official release; it's fast and loud, whilst having a little synthwave sprinkled in for good measure!

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by Havelocke

Hi, we're Havelocke from Sheffield. This is our new single Drowning, which is a track we’ve been working on since well before the release of our last EP ‘This is Havelocke’. It's dark, gloomy and dramatic, and touches on the feeling of suffocating within our own emotions.

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by Only the Righteous

Hotly tipped metalcore unit, ONLY THE RIGHTEOUS, are poised to rise with the release of their blistering debut EP, Severance, out Friday 22nd November.

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Based on personal experiences, the track and video are a candid and vulnerable plea to anyone suffering from mental health problems associated with drug and alcohol dependency to overcome the stigma of asking for professional help.

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House Of Hatchets

HOUSE OF HATCHETS have been pricking ears and making waves with their immensely electrifying sound that brings to mind everyone from Killswitch Engage, Slipknot and Deftones to Funeral for a Friend. The irrepressible riff merchants have just unveiled a new video, Burn -

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This song was written about a relative who moved on. Her house was the central meeting place for a large family so when that house and home disappeared it became hard to keep everything pulled together. It’s about accepting that that’s okay.

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I Fight Bears

South Wales metal beasts I FIGHT BEARS hurl out juggernaut riffage, imposing vocals, and thunderous beats. The alluring crew release a surprising and fascinating rendition of Spandau Ballet’s song, Gold, on Friday 16th November.

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Hey Guys, Were Rouen. We are a 4 piece band who enjoy riffs and also enjoy being sadbois too. That can be pretty much personified in our new single 'Wander' which is our most melodic song we have released so far. We will be bringing out more stuff soon! More irish acts the better ;)

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