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by Sabres

Sabres are Portsmouth natives making noise of oceanic proportions with just drums and bass guitar. Drawing influence from grunge, punk, and stoner rock, Sabres do not pigeonhole easily, and tackle themes such as depression, govt negligence, the media machine, and toxic masculinity.

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Imaginary Lines

by Slumbercloud

We're a brand new heavy rock and punk band out of Groningen, Netherlands, releasing our debut EP 'Human Problem' on 31 March, 2023. "Imaginary Lines" is a fervent condemnation of war and violence. "Imaginary Lines" begs one important question about war: what is the fucking point?

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Just For A Minute

by Lion Trail

This track is mixing heavy guitars with quieter parts yet always having an energetic rhythm section behind it. As the song progresses bells and synth paint hopeful colors above the distortion and vocals. It's about getting away from the agendas that are being added to everything now days.

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Call The Hogs

by Hozomeen

Hey there. This tracks is from ‘The Void’, the debut album by Hozomeen and will be released on vinyl and digital download via SuperFi Records on May 5th 2023. Hozomeen is a project where the music is written, performed and produced by me, Graham Thompson. I hope you dig it! Thanks for listening.

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"We love reverb"

by She is Dead

We love reverb" is the name of the new high of She is Dead, the album has 10 tracks recorded between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, produced again by Luiz Orta and recorded at Estúdio Mylo in Curitiba/Brazil .

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Nothing to Say

by Supersonic

Always influenced by the Grunge and Alternative Rock era of the 90's, with distorted guitars, marked bass and intense drums. Trying to rescue the essence of alternative rock from the 90s, and with lyrics that address reality, desires and disappointments.

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Rochester, NYs CHRMR consists of former and current members of Sulaco, Contrarian. However we take a different approach. Rather than the death metal/grind/hardcore leaning of those bands, CHRMR combine sludgy post-metal and noise rock in a way that's equal parts angst-driven and beautifully emotive.

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Borrowed Time

by Boring Girls

Boring Girls is a punk rock/hardcore punk band from Montreal, Quebec (Canada). Our second self-produced EP Bad Mammal has 9 short but energetic tracks addressing themes such as internal conflicts, the gloom of everyday life or the mysteries of the universe.

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by Sentimentipede

Hey! We're an upcoming punk/grunge band called Sentimentipede from St. John's, Newfoundland This is a track called "Hang" off of our debut album "Pretend This Sounds Good" - The track melds styles of grunge, punk rock and has a real drivey-distorted garage-rock feel to the production.

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Wet Soaking Wet

by Shevils

Hi! This is our new single ”Wet Soaking Wet” It´s Shevils fifth single from the album ”Miracle of the Sun” Hope you like it :)

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Empty & Blank

by Boring Girls

Boring Girls is a punk rock/hardcore punk band from Montreal, Canada formed in the spring 2020. They play short and energetic songs addressing themes such as internal conflicts, the gloom of everyday life or the mysteries of the universe Boring Girls is inspired by groups like McLusky, Melvins, Rata Negra, Limp Wrist and Pissed Jeans (whose song Boring Girls gave the group its name) while keeping a DIY spirit.

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Heavy psych doom duo GRIN deliver an experience that is both soothingly spiritual as well as intensely carnal. The Berlin-based musicians and power couple Jan and Sabine Oberg (of Earth Ship renown) purposefully embrace this paradox, creating music that is both raw and exposed.

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I'm Going To The F*cking Moon

by Electricals

Hey guys. We're a four-piece made up of lifers from the Irish DIY underground, with former members of Drainland, Crows, Vircolac, and New Gods.

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by AK-747s

Hello humans. This is AK-747s fifth record 'movies'. Its too punk for metal and too metal for punk. We sing songs about our 'civilizations' impending doom and the attendant evils of this world. Lets blast!

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Pelican, the instrumental quartet whose singular vision of heavy music eschews classification, have announced their first full length in six years, Nighttime Stories, is due June 7th via Southern Lord Recordings.

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We are Lassiters from London, we make noisy punk rock for your ears.

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Terrible Lovers

Hello! Terrible Lovers is my solo project. I was in Ed Kemper Trio and El Chupa Cobras. I often feel too old for this, but I want to share my music with as many like-minded people as possible. If you make similar music and want to connect, contact me through bandcamp as we'll swap records. - KJ

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A Storm Of Light

A Storm of Light share a new track entitled "Prime Time" taken from their fifth full length Anthroscene, to be released via Consouling Sounds (EU and UK) 5th October. EU tour dates with Mono start 1st Oct, full info here:

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Pretty Please

Helllooo. We're Pretty Please, a noise rock three piece from Atlanta. We like lots of speakers and ruining our hearing. This is the first single/video off our upcoming record FUR MODEL, out 6/22/18. Come to a show!

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El Chupa Cobras

El Chupa Cobras were a manic, oddball rock band from Montgomery, Alabama. Our final record is about the unraveling of relationships. Freak and Roll on 11.

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