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Providence in Exile EP

by Caretaker

Caretaker are a band that could never quite split up - Here's an EP of session tracks and demos from our last album to mark the tenth anniversary of its release, but I got the date wrong so it came out on the eleventh anniversary...

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Beautiful Desolate


We present "Beautiful Desolate" the 2nd single from our upcoming album, Phantom Centre. Its about the idea of looking glass self and how a distorted view can make your mind wander off to unhealthy places. And the difficulty to break out of that state of desolation.

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Seek the Unkindred

by Wren

Seek the Unkindred is the first song we have released from our forthcoming new record GROUNDSWELLS, which is out on June 26th - some experimental post-metal for your ears.

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Pelican, the instrumental quartet whose singular vision of heavy music eschews classification, have announced their first full length in six years, Nighttime Stories, is due June 7th via Southern Lord Recordings.

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Spotlights, the Brooklyn-based band are set to release second album "Love & Decay" on 26 April via Ipecac Recordings. Their music is iron tone in a velvet glove: striking with full force, perfectly balancing a weight that's also sublime in it's beauty.

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