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Hail Satan

by Pink Room

Hey, we're Pink Room, The Band, Official, and we just released our new album PUTAIN ROYALE. This song, Hail Satan, is the second single. It's not really about Satan, but more about the small inconveniences of your life. Like hitting your toe on a table. Don't die & HAIL SATAN (for real)

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Empty & Blank

by Boring Girls

Hi, I'm Alban, bassist of Boring Girls, a punk-hc / punk-rock band from Montreal, Canada. Here is the song Empty & Blank, a catchy song with a strong energy, my favorite ! This song is featured on our first ep "Hello, Hell no" and we would be honored if you could take a listen to it. Take care !

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by Salt the Snail

We are a ragtag pack of fun lovers from all over the country, kinda based in Widnes. Our M.O is to entertain you as much as we possibly can. Our songs are short and snappy and don't require to go out of your way to 'get' them Maaate is about people who annoy us a bit

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by Crucial Features

Hey, we are Crucial Features, a grrrl punk band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Have you ever felt like procrastinating the whole day and watching stupid videos online? Or maybe encountered egoistic people? The track is digging into the subject of vanity and it's all there in the song!

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Shit Brown

by Tudors

Hi everyone! We're a punk band. We're best friends. We're gonna save the world.

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I F*** Therefore I Am

by Earth Mother F***er

We are a 4 piece intent on disrupting the airwaves. The word ‘seminal’ has been used as a stock cliché, but never has that claim been more exaggerated than with Anglo-American noise rock malcontents, Earth Mother F***er.

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We are Lassiters from London, we make noisy punk rock for your ears.

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El Chupa Cobras

El Chupa Cobras were a manic, oddball rock band from Montgomery, Alabama. Our final record is about the unraveling of relationships. Freak and Roll on 11.

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