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Junkbreed fully embraces the intricate relationship between rebellion and fun, blending disconcerting riffs, pulsating rhythms, and vocal lines that resonate with the effervescent DIV hardcore energy of the 90s. An explosive cocktail of rock, punk, and post-hardcore.

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by Death Cassette

Death Cassette is a punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba that blends elements of grunge and hardcore. The sound is melodic, high energy, and vocally driven and they've recently signed to High End Denim Records to release their latest effort - a 6 track EP entitled "Get Rid Of It."

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'All the things we can't replace' EP

by Stay // Asleep

"A bold & brash punk rock soundtrack for desolate times" This song touches upon real life experiences of how, still to this day, there is a lack of respect for those that have contributed to growing this country. The rich tapestry and diversity of the UK should be celebrated, always.

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by Dead Moths

We’re Dead Moths, a politically motivated five-piece hardcore band from Derby. Keep in touch for more recordings and dates of chaotic live shows

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“Coming Through”


Newly formed Post Hardcore/Noise-Punk outfit, FAKE HANDS, have just released their first single, "Coming Through". The song is a blistering rock track that blends the hard hitting 90s sound with the gritty no-frills instrumentation of 80s punk.

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Restarter Repeater

by Gods and Forest

Gods and Forest was founded in a small apartment by two friends with a passion for early 2000 rock. The lyrics are based on storytelling and darker subjects. The song is about a girl numbing her sadness with alcohol, drugs and nightlife. she wants to change but repeats her selfdestruktive path.

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Ski Mask

by Spirit of the Wildfire

Hey there, we are Spirit of the Wildfire from Halifax, Nova scotia, Canada. This is the second single off of our upcoming album. We did something a little different for this track and featured some heavy keyboard and synthesizer. Got some serious Refused vibes, solid genre bender tune.

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a room filled with bees

by peregrine

This is the last single off our upcoming LP, "the awful things we've done". We are a music collective from Worcester, MA, and have spent the last two and a half years refining these songs. We hope you like them.

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Sad And Short

by Stick Figure Funeral

Hey, this is my newest track Sad And Short! It's a fusion of a rough angsty 1990s pop-punk sound with some more modern production elements, with a fast tempo and catchy hook to go along. Hope you enjoy it!

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Bot Noxious


Hawker sounds loose, out of control and ready to be played as people slam-dance into each other!!! Written and recorded during the height of the pandemic.

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Wet Soaking Wet

by Shevils

Hi! This is our new single ”Wet Soaking Wet” It´s Shevils fifth single from the album ”Miracle of the Sun” Hope you like it :)

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by Swecore

Swecore is a cover project of Swedish punk rock classics from the 90s. It started out as a DIY one-man cover band but ended having vocal collaborations from singers across the globe. Featuring the classic songs we grew up with and singers from bands we listen to now. A mix of nostalgia and hope

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Ghost Stories

by Gloom Culture

Good evening to you wherever you are. We are Gloom Culture. We're a new hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona and this song is from our debut album. Ghost Stories is driven by its menacing guitar riffs and its faithless gang vocals. Ultimately asking the question-Do you believe in ghosts or yourself?

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by jealous

jealous - is a mix of head-banging rock with a touch of post-hardcore. This track is about people being heartless to each other, to the point when you start doubting whether they have a piece of dry bread for the heart or they’re just genuinely assholes.

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Slow Moving Tragedy

by The Stifled

Aggressive punk rock from Charm City - The Stifled is everything you love about NOFX and Bad Religion mixed with post-hardcore reminiscent of Story of the Year and Refused. Known for playing FAST, the Stifled are clever and honest; political and poetic.

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Modern Rome

by Quietus

Hi, we are Quietus, a post-metal band from France. Modern Rome is the first track of our recently released album "Chaos is order yet undeciphered". If you like what you hear, please check out the rest of the album ! Enjoy !

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by Smiling Assassin

We're Smiling Assassin, a Yorkshire Punk band with a mission to breathe some fresh air into the punk scene! This is the debut track 'Coping' from our album which will be released on the 31st of May 2020. ENJOY!

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Hey guys, AANTHEMS here from Vancouver BC. Our first full length Blood Fortune is a bastard of a record, railing against greed, corruption and the end of humanity. It’s a sweaty angry mess, and it feels like someone is finally on your side.

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Ballerina's Toes

by Kevlar Bikini

Kevlar Bikini strike back with their fourth album meaningfully named "OPT-OUTism". This Zagreb-based hardcore punk trio delivers another comprehensive collection of immensely powerful tunes, which have been saturated with gracious servings of magnificent elements of metal and noise rock.

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by Mummy

Yo, Mummy here. Four piece band from South London tearing it up with a new EP. The lead track ‘Shovel’ is a dark journey digging through life, striving to find the gold without getting too filthy.

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