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by Teen Creeps

Belgian indierockers TEEN CREEPS are showing off their soft side on ‘CRASH/LAND’, the closing track of their new album ‘Forever’. The new single is no fast 90s punk song, but a long and quiet album closer that erupts into a guitar solo after four minutes.

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by Saucer Eyes

Saucer Eyes was born from a desire to marry delicate, dream-like melodies with heavy, sludgy guitars. Sonically drawing on influences like Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr, MBV, Sleep and Electric Wizard, the band blends layers of reverb and delay with fuzz to create a dystopian-like wall-of-sound.

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The Fringes Of Normality

by To The Helpless

Hey there! here's our new EP. Four songs written during and about the lockdown and the pandemic. It was recorded and mixed by Álvaro Escribano and mastered by the one and only Mass Giorgini. Hope you enjoy! To The Helpless

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The Equidistance

by Pulse Park

Hi, Pulse Park are four men who met some time ago on an arctic expedition in Qikiqtaaluk/Canada and released their first EP this year. The Equidistance is hard to fit into one genre. It has the driving rhythm of an indie rock track, mixed with the sheer boldness of a noise-rock headbanger.

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Laughing At The Chaos

by Kazak

Hello friends, we're Kazak and this is Laughing At The Chaos. We wrote this after the Extinction Rebellion protests were labelled "extreme ideology" by the government, and we poured all of our anger into it to create a protest anthem.

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Wasting Time

by Plain Microwave

Heya! My name is J and I create chaotic Rock, this is my first single called 'Wasting Time' and it's about not having a job and getting high. Hope you enjoy it xox

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Downright Sin

by Thousandaire

Sup? We are Thousandaire from Atlanta and this is the second single off our debut LP. It’s to the point, with a sharp hook, a rippin' fuzz guitar solo, and a requisite-yet-oft-overlooked tambourine track. Hope you like listening as much as we love playing it.

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just for kicks

by bauwaves

bauwaves are a new Austin, TX indie-punk band with ex-members of Wild America and The Fall. Our debut album was released on 01/10/20 on Salinas Records and was called "a brave and uncompromising creation that crackles with energy and intense feeling" by Faster and Louder.

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by AK-747s

Hello humans. This is AK-747s fifth record 'movies'. Its too punk for metal and too metal for punk. We sing songs about our 'civilizations' impending doom and the attendant evils of this world. Lets blast!

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With comparisons by Q Magazine drawn to the melodic pop precision of Phoenix combined with the punk-fueled force of the mighty Dinosaur Jr, throw in some Teenage Fanclub harmonies, Buffalo Tom earnestness, and Superchunk energy and you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head with the Beezewax sound.

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Johnny Football Hero

We are a Philly-based band comprised of two former bands- The Dispersions and Hyper Inc. After the departure of long-time member and friend Jesse Fogg, the band was at an existential crossroads but decided to push forward, reinventing ourselves as an emo/math trio.

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The Farewell Project

Hello fellow humans! The farewell project consists of four friends whos friendship has it’s roots back to the late 90’s early 2000’s emo/indie-scene. Our first ep is out now.

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Brace ! Brace !

Hi ! So the band is from Paris, four guys, obsessed by the recording process and sound textures, with a certain idea of pop music. This track is taken from their debut album and I'm kinda sad to have to select only one. I hope you'll enjoy it, please take time to give the album a listen if you do!

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Pillow Talk

Hey, we're Pillow Talk - Callum, Luc and Lukas from Glasgow. 'Strangers' is the title track of our second EP, an homage to pop-punk bands of the early naughties who share a love of loud music with emotional underpinnings.

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South London Slackers, smoke to much and play guitar Solo's . Fans of 90's alternative music, new record 'Mild Panic Attack" out soon!

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Did You Die

Greetings! We're Did You Die from Victoria, BC, Canada. If it matters, we've shared the stage with the likes of Swervedriver, Nothing, Yuck and Sunflower Bean! This is our new single that we recorded with Jordan Koop (The Courtneys, Dead Soft) at The Noise Floor Studios. Debut LP coming this year!

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