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076-942-000 (Call me)

by Unörthadox

Hi everyone, we are Unörthadox and we are a Punk band with grunge, hardcore, and experimental influence. This is our very first song we have recorded and released as a band and we are very excited about it. We think its a catchy tune, we are trying to bring back the DIY values of punk, help us out.

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Boxroom Bangers

by Teenage Tom Petties

Teenage Tom Petties is the home-recorded garage punk project of Tom Brown (of the indie-rock duo Rural France) and they release their S/T album on Safe Suburban Home and Repeating Cloud.

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Perfect Little Soldier

by Bozo

Hi! Were Bozo, a pop punk band from Orlando Florida! The song featured is Perfect Little Soldier, the lead single from our freshly released first full length "Another Happy Landing". This song was composed by the three members Vincent, Kyle, and Jay.

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Cruiser Wheels

by Different Flies

Different Flies is a DIY punk project based in a bedroom in the Chicago Suburbs. This is the last song on their first record, 'he robot life'. It is about being yourself in spite of all the expectations placed on you by society and your stupid job - at times even your friends and family.

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Hi, we're an Essex based punk band and we've just recorded our first EP and shot a video. Would appreciate a listen if you're into some good old-fashioned DIY punk rock!

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The Fauxriginals

Hey guys. We're The Fauxriginals; three dudes that grew up on all the pop-punk classics. We're making music that draws on those classic influences and have just released our debut music video for 'Level of Malevolence'. We're releasing new music all the time on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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