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Perfect Little Soldier

by Bozo

Hi! Were Bozo, a pop punk band from Orlando Florida! The song featured is Perfect Little Soldier, the lead single from our freshly released first full length "Another Happy Landing". This song was composed by the three members Vincent, Kyle, and Jay.

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by Project Revise

Borderline is a power pop punk, guitar-driven song featuring lyrics many could relate to during lockdown: "Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. My body's bruised and broken from the chains". We created a light-hearted music video to accompany the release, featuring us doing a workout wearing 80's wigs!

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by Lamonta

Our new song TIDES 🌊 is out! We’re pumped with how this one turned out and if you like mid-tempo pop punk with hooks, then we think you’ll agree! Let us know what you think and please share, save, follow, tell your friends, etc.

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by Something To Someone

Something To Someone is a pop-punk act formed in 2019 in Indonesia. The band have released a new single and music video entitled Hilang. This song, taken from Something To Someone's upcoming EP, tells the story of losing a loved one and plays with simple chords and tone.

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Old and Boring

by goldenboy

goldenboy is pop-punk-rock from Bergen, Norway. Been around since 1999, and celebrating our 20th anniversary with the release of a new single (June 7) + EP (June 14) this June.

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We are a few teens who play melodic punk rock music in Istanbul, Turkey since 2015. There is no education in our music, and the songs are about people trapped between their inner worlds and the real world dictated by them.

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Butter Side Up

2005: the year of Blair being re-elected! Bird flu! Charles marrying Camilla! Hurricane Katrina! 'Duh duh duh duh duh duh' is a poorly named track from the '05 album 'That’ll Do' which was one of the least worst things that happened in 2005, probably, so get your nostalgia hit of poor punk.

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Hi, We are SaltWounds, a 4 piece melodic punk band hailing from the faithful city of Worcester in the UK. We are now gearing up to release our second EP later this year and we have two singles currently out in the run up to it. Give us a listen!

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Lost From The Start

Lost From The Start is an energetic pop punk band from Limburg (BE). By utilising melodic guitar parts and catchy, yet thoughtful lyrics, the band reaches out to everyone trying to find their way. A fair warning though, the songs might get stuck in your head for days. A trip down memory lane.

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Project Revise

Project Revise are a punk rock band from near Birmingham, UK. They released their debut E.P, 'Songs That Sound Like Songs' in December 2017 on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play and Amazon. Their sound has been compared to that of the early 00's pop punk generation!

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