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Outlast You

by Sparks Red

We're 4 East Coast punk-genre veterans playing original 90's inspired West Coast melodic punk rock. Featuring current and former members of The Softer Side, The Pennyroyals, Hetfield & Hetfield and Beware. Our focus is heartfelt lyrics paired with driving drums, guitars and vocal melodies.

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Crossing the Line

by Padme

We're Padme from İstanbul, Turkey and we've released our 3rd full length album 'The Fine Line Between Being Conscious and Self Harm' recently. This song is about hope and despair, joy and anger, and trying to survive under a neo-sultanate reign in a land stuck between the Middle East and Europe.

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Riot (Breaking Windows and Bones)

by Trash n Privilege

Check out Trash n Privilege - punk jams that are a caffeine laced cocktail of driving beats and raw vocals with a dash heavy guitar.

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Et Tu?

by The Business End

Hi! We're The Business End, and this new song of ours is an attempt to convey just how the current state of political affairs in the USA makes us feel. Turns out, the answer is angry. Quite angry.

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Old and Boring

by goldenboy

goldenboy is pop-punk-rock from Bergen, Norway. Been around since 1999, and celebrating our 20th anniversary with the release of a new single (June 7) + EP (June 14) this June.

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Three Fingers

We're Three Fingers! A power pop punk band from Seattle, WA loaded with feminism and humor.

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We are a few teens who play melodic punk rock music in Istanbul, Turkey since 2015. There is no education in our music, and the songs are about people trapped between their inner worlds and the real world dictated by them.

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Transatlantic Airwaves

We are Transatlantic Airwaves, an internet 2-piece pop punk/skate punk band from UK/China. We love our fast beats and vocal harmonies like moths love lamps (that meme is still trendy right?) "Shut your mouth, open your mind" was 2 years in the works, and we're super satisfied with how it turned out!

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Hey Punktastic, we're streaming our album 'Human Remains' from our bandcamp site. Over the past couple of years we've released EPs on Little Rocket Records, Disconnect Disconnect, and Dirty Sushi.

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SLIMBOY are back with a European tour with US pop-punkers, MEST, as well as re-releasing their new album, Sail On Sailor, on 10th August via NiRo music. The acclaimed punksters have also just released a new track, Let It Go - .

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Our Lives In Cinema

Hi Everybody, we’re London’s Our Lives In Cinema. Check out our new EP ‘All Talk’ and the song ‘Talk You Up!’ We’re a pop-punk band but more in the Iron Chic, Pup vein of things, but heavily influenced by classic 80’s pop. Hope you’re into it!

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Hi punk-rockers, we are SNU:MeN from Upper Bavaria in Germany. We play a mixture of Punk-Rock and Nu-Rock we call (S)Nu-Punk/Rock. At the end of last year we released our second studio album, which is named after our band "SNU:MeN"

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