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by Losing Streak

Brixton is a 14-year-old raised on 90's So-Cal punk rock and skateboarding. His dad is a seasoned drummer. Together, they wrote some original songs and enlisted the help of Rob's former bandmates (including myself on vocals) to bring Losing Streak to life. -Charlie

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DELEST is a melodic punk rock band born in 2016 and our influences come from Californian punkrock. You know: Bad Religion, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon,... "PERSISTENCIA" is our new EP. Follow us on social networks!

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It's Fine

by It's Fine.

Check out the debut video from Phoenix, AZ melodic punks It's Fine. released courtesy of Fifth Day Records!

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Fresh Idea

by Trash n Privilege

Introducing "Fresh Idea" – from the ferocious California punk rock band, Trash n’ Privilege. Fresh Idea is another TnP banger. Here to shake the foundations of the music scene. With caffeine laced, high-octane energy, and unapologetic attitude, "Fresh Idea is a track to be reckoned with.

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Sink or Swim

by Cardboard Box Colony

New single from our upcoming split 7" with our buddies in The Deathbots, hope ya dig it!

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Leave The Seat Up

by No Breakfast Goodbye

Hey there, we're No Breakfast Goodbye from the Netherlands, and this is our newest track 'Leave The Seat Up'! It's an up-tempo skate/pop punk tune about how the power of friendship conquers all! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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by No Matter

No Matter are a melodic skate/pop punk band from N.Ireland and this is "Brickwall" the first track from their band new album "Bad Chemistry" out now on vinyl and all digital media platforms!

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Hugs On Drugs

by Trophy Jump

We're Trophy Jump, an indie punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. Hugs on Drugs is an emo punk-rock ballad about social anxieties connected to endless partying and ignoring responsibilities. It describes a regret of emotional distance tied with drug abuse and sleepless nights.

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by Swecore

Swecore is a cover project of Swedish punk rock classics from the 90s. It started out as a DIY one-man cover band but ended having vocal collaborations from singers across the globe. Featuring the classic songs we grew up with and singers from bands we listen to now. A mix of nostalgia and hope

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"Post Lew Sterrett Blues"

by Nonstarter

“The ‘Post Lew Sterrett Blues’ is the story of someone at their lowest point and how lonely and isolating it can feel. It’s about addiction and self-doubt. It reflects the reality that many feels when things are at their worst and how hard it can be to fight back to a new reality.”

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by big spin

After not playing together for 17 or 18 years, "Bottomless" was one of the first songs that the four of us wrote together as a group. It starts with a heavy bass riff, then enter the guitars, which, together with the drums, create a syncopated harmony with which we wanted to generate expectation.

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[Your Name Here]

by Oppkast

Ahoy! Our band Oppkast from Kristiansand, Norway, recently released the single [Your Name Here]. This single is not meant as a political song, just to assholes in general - we used Trump as an example since he is the biggest of all assholes right now :) Cheers!

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Going Through (Revisited)

by Steel Bridges

Steel Bridges is a melodic punk project by the recording artist Philippe Routhier (Quebec City). Going Through (Revisited) is a song of encouragement to move forward despite the difficulties. By going through, we become who we are.

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Burn Out

by The Dead Krazukies

This is the new song "Burn Out" fresh from the new album "Icarus" that hit the world yesterday on 20th November. The skate punk band The Dead Krazukies mixes 90s style pop-punk with new and fresh tunes between hardcore and indie rock. The female voice fits perfectly into melodic music.

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The Hand (Revisited)

by Steel Bridges

While I play every instrument and self-produce my melodic punk-metal music, I asked David Boulianne (from the Montreal punk band Long Story Short), to write lyrics for the song “The Hand” from the instrumental album Flames. Check that out! This is the second single from "Flames Revisited - Part I".

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Outlast You

by Sparks Red

We're 4 East Coast punk-genre veterans playing original 90's inspired West Coast melodic punk rock. Featuring current and former members of The Softer Side, The Pennyroyals, Hetfield & Hetfield and Beware. Our focus is heartfelt lyrics paired with driving drums, guitars and vocal melodies.

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Crossing the Line

by Padme

We're Padme from ─░stanbul, Turkey and we've released our 3rd full length album 'The Fine Line Between Being Conscious and Self Harm' recently. This song is about hope and despair, joy and anger, and trying to survive under a neo-sultanate reign in a land stuck between the Middle East and Europe.

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Riot (Breaking Windows and Bones)

by Trash n Privilege

Check out Trash n Privilege - punk jams that are a caffeine laced cocktail of driving beats and raw vocals with a dash heavy guitar.

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Et Tu?

by The Business End

Hi! We're The Business End, and this new song of ours is an attempt to convey just how the current state of political affairs in the USA makes us feel. Turns out, the answer is angry. Quite angry.

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