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Pinball Dreams

by Wasted History

Hey everyone this is our new track called Pinball Dreams. Since we made it obviously we've been sucked back into the world of Tony Hawk. We felt the song would fit well with THPS; alas we don't know Tony. So instead we've got a Skate Tape coming featuring many new friends from around the world \m/.

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Outlast You

by Sparks Red

We're 4 East Coast punk-genre veterans playing original 90's inspired West Coast melodic punk rock. Featuring current and former members of The Softer Side, The Pennyroyals, Hetfield & Hetfield and Beware. Our focus is heartfelt lyrics paired with driving drums, guitars and vocal melodies.

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Sands of Fire/Seas of Ice

by Lawndale

G'day, Lawndale here! Put shortly, Lawndale is a project that followed frontman and songwriter Marcel from his desert birthplace, Australia, to his new home in Sweden. 'Sands of Fire/Seas of Ice' explores the nuances and difficulties of such a drastic change and presents it with high energy skatepunk.

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Bon Viveur

Hey bon vivants! I'm Steve from Bon Viveur and i'd love to welcome you into the Bon Viveur "Summer Series" demos, starting this week on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. 2 free downloads every fortnight and this week has kicked off ready for you to soak up some scuzzy, melodic pop-punk! Happy listening!

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