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No Father

by Neversaid

We are NEVERSAID and we release our new sophomore EP, Bond Over Blood, which lands on Friday 29th March. We have also just dropped our new single, No Father. Watch the video, here - .

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Ghost in the Grey

by Hound

we are Hound, five 30 somethings with dodgy knees and broken dreams from the Diesel City, we deliver catchy hooks, riffs and melodies with a sprinkle of nostalgia to take listeners back to a much easier time in life. Ghost is basically about a woman who’s life turns to shit and she becomes a ghost.

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by Critic City

Critic City is a rock band...We love riffs...we love hooks...we love a powerful message. Check us out!

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by License to kill

Hi We are LTK and also know "License to kill" from philippinjes based inm Riyadh. About our debut single "ODS" its a story about skateboarding in early days in abroad "Riyadh" we find that theirs a group of skateboarding here that unite as one in short that song is about brotherhood.

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by Clay J Gladstone

HATE CLUB is about a teenage relationship being torn apart by the jealous friends’ group, only to have those same jealous friends slide into your DMs months later. It's about standing your ground in a relationship and calling out poor behaviour when you see it.

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The Arsonist

by Havelocke

We're Havelocke, four best friends who bonded over our love of emo music. This is our new track 'The Arsonist' which is the second single from our new EP 'Arsonist'. The track is a throwback to the early-mid 2000s emo/post-hardcore sound and details the collapse of an old friendship.

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by Prey drive

Hey! We are PREY DRIVE, an alt rock 4 piece from Norwich, UK. This is our latest single called "O.M.G" - Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. This is about putting a brave face on it and hiding how you are really feeling in tough times.

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Play Dead

by Crooked Shepherd

Three dudes making the music that comes naturally to them, having grown up with the emo and hardcore music of the early 2000’s. A sad boi, a rapper, and a pop singer make up the core of Crooked Shepherd. The band manages to fuse punk, pop and rap in a way that never makes you question why.

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Pinball Dreams

by Wasted History

Hey everyone this is our new track called Pinball Dreams. Since we made it obviously we've been sucked back into the world of Tony Hawk. We felt the song would fit well with THPS; alas we don't know Tony. So instead we've got a Skate Tape coming featuring many new friends from around the world \m/.

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Far From My Home

by Wasted History

Hey guys this is Ben from Wasted History. This is our new track called 'Far From My Home'. Its got a killswitchy vibe so please be responsible and enjoy loudly.

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[Corpse Party]

by L'exqusite Douleur

Yerrrrr, check out our new song [Corpse Party] out now on all platforms. We hope to help on keeping this style of music alive and relevant in 2020.

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Brandon Prinzing & The Old Revival

Brandon Prinzing & the Old Revival is a four-piece folk punk group from Bend, Oregon. Inspired by classic Americana, the intricacies of metal and the defiant energy of punk rock, Brandon Prinzing combines all three in an all-consuming kick, stomp and holler force of motion.

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A New State

Sup, we're A New State. Just three dudes who like rockin socks. We recorded our first album - "Silver Water"- with Mass Giorgini. Here's a track from that album. Hope you like it!

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