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Shep, Adam and John formed Escape Goats at the beginning of 2024 in Glasgow, just north of London, UK. Muhammad Ali is the band's debut single and will be released digitally on 23 February 2024.

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by Clay J Gladstone

HATE CLUB is about a teenage relationship being torn apart by the jealous friends’ group, only to have those same jealous friends slide into your DMs months later. It's about standing your ground in a relationship and calling out poor behaviour when you see it.

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by No Time For Reason

Hey. This is the latest offering from pop punk newcomers No Time For Reason. We think it's right up your street! Would love it if you could give the track a listen - Thanks

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Digital Age

by Stickman

Hey we are Stickman from south Wales back with our first single after a seventeen year hiatus! During that time the members have continued drinking, smoking, offending and even popping out some baby punkers now we're back with a new single 'Digital Age' on the legendary Mighty Atom Records. Cheers.

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by Tiny Kingdoms

Hi guys! We're Tiny Kingdoms and this is our new single "Tides" The song is about attempting to collect and calm yourself even when things around you seem to be spiraling out of control. We hope you enjoy it.

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Hey guys, we're Estate! We've just released our first debut EP "I Was There" best listened too with a biscuit and a cup of tea, but its not necessary... Catch us at a gig close to you soon.

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Hi guys! We are Jagd, an indie band from Amsterdam! Our music consists of a fiery mix of freaky indie rock and Broadway punk. "David Lynch meets Alice in Wonderland", Dutch press praised our previous work for bluntly dragging audiences into their ominous "hell of heavenly noise". Here's our new EP!

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THC Dreams

THC DREAMS offer up a fresh and animated take on emo infused rock. With a neat and solid rhythm section, thoughtful guitar work, and soaring vocals, THC DREAMS drop their spanking new single, All My Friends, on Friday 11th January 2019.

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The Rose Affair

We are The Rose Affair, a group of guys from the East of England. We like to describe our sound as a melancholic dreamscape layered over groove-driven indie-rock. Let us know if we're anywhere close!

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