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We are NEGUL NESHAI - a five piece alternative rock outfit from Newcastle, UK. Over the past 18-months, we have constructed our debut project 'Inside Divine Circles' - a six chapter album, short film and story, due to release in three week intervals until December 31st.

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Year Zero

by Komodo Fox

Hey folks, pleased to be here! We're pleased to introduce you to Year Zero, the opening track of our self-produced debut EP which goes by the same name. A song about abusive relationships, it draws thematic inspiration from the bloody Khmer Rouge regime which devastated Cambodia between '75 - '79.

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by Broken Head

We are Broken Head, an alternative two piece from Massachusetts. New EP Sungazer out now!

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Amen To The Storytellers

by Minus Alive

We're Minus Alive, and create anthemic yet honest music that will bring people together. This is Amen To The Storytellers, a song about solidarity within the creative world. This song features a lot of our fellow artists standing alongside us, to let you know that the creative industries are viable!

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Small Doses

by The Dent Act

Hi guys, we're The Dent Act, a three piece alt-rock band from Portsmouth. Small Doses is our third single and we think you'll quite like it. Get your vaccine in your arm, and this song in your ears. Not the other way round.

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Message Of A Teenage Martyr

by Quick and Painless

Hello! We're Quick and Painless - a band of preppy losers from the outskirts of Madison, Wisconsin - here to make you think too hard about growing up and your mommy/daddy issues. We've been categorized as Pop-punk, Emo, and at times, Queercore! Stream our music so we can quit society!!!

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Off Track (Single Edit)

by Jovi Skyler

Howdy! Punk, alternative rock with an early '90s spirit and a hint of psychedelia. "Off Track" is about procrastination and the inevitable guilt that piles up by not following through with what you want to do. Every now and then it will make you crack up.

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Die Young

by Fight Back Mountain

Hey we're Fight Back Mountain, and this is the lead single off of our upcoming album, "Lavender Sky." It's our second album. It's very 90s, if that's your thing. Also kind of sounds like 2000s Org-Core. If you're old enough to know what that means. *crying laughing emoji*

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by Komodo Fox

Hi folks, we are Komodo Fox, a two-headed rock trio based in Berlin, and this is the second single from our debut EP. Pride is a song about dealing with the past and coming to terms with our experiences, good and bad. We hope you give it a spin and like it! Cheers, KF

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When You Think It's Right

by Post Profit

Hi everyone, we're Post Profit and this is our new single titled "When You Think It's Right" off of our upcoming album - "When You Think It's Right It's Always Wrong". The song itself is about mistrust and broken expectations and we hope you love it!

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Hey guys, girls and non-binary pals, We are COLORWAVE from London, UK. COLORWAVE is about honesty, about tough love, about sharing experiences. It is boundless and borderless, havoc and harmony. It’s been a home for the wildly weird, those wonderfully wicked, and every stormy soul in-between.

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by Smash Into Pieces

With a massive track record, consisting of 5 released albums, 22 singles, over 130 million streams on Spotify and with more than 65 million views on YouTube, Smash Into Pieces have evolved into one of the fastest rising Scandinavian alternative rock bands to this date.

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Old Tattoo

by The Dent Act

Hi everyone. We're The Dent Act and this is our debut single 'Old Tattoo'. Is there that one person from your past that you've never really been able to forget? This song is about that. Enjoy!

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On My Way to You

by Varvara

Recorded live at a remote farmstead in the heat of Finnish summer, our upcoming 5th full-length Bad Acting Good delivers effortless and contagious summer joy through a helping of 90s-influenced guitar-driven rock.

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by Skinny Knowledge

Hey folks, we are Skinny Knowledge and this is the first track from our debut album 'Don't Turn Out The Lights'. 'Imagination' is a high-octane, punk-inspired anthem that tells a tale of anticipation and hope that touches on the subject of courage, but also fear.

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Fool's Paradise

by Young States

Hey, we're Young States from Norwich and we've just released our newest single "Fool's Paradise"! We are so incredibly proud of this song and so excited to release it too, because we wrote it over 4 years ago! We think it's one our best songs yet and couldn't be happier that it's finally out!

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Heavenly Home (I'm In Your Mind)

by Sleemo

Hey, we are an independent alternative band from Norwich, Norfolk. Formed mid 2019. This song represents escapism and how people use technology to hide from the scary reality of the outside world.

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Painted Mind

by Pinehill

Hi! We are a new band on the block! We are Pinehill, from Sweden. We recently released our debut single Painted Mind. If you're into alternative rock, female fronted bands and catchy melodies, this one's for you!

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The Power

by James Kennedy

Hey Punks, this is James Kennedy and this is my new song 'The Power' from my new album 'MAKE ANGER GREAT AGAIN' coming September 25th. It's a friendly little ode to Trump, Boris & whichever evil douche is screwing your country up! Play it loud, play it proud, get active & Make Anger Great Again!

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We are a four-piece rock band from the UK. Headcount was produced by Steph Carter (ex-Gallows) and the music video encapsulates the struggle of identity, of defining your illnesses and negative thoughts separately, about taking from others and acting on selfish impulse to contribute to personal gain

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