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Pipe Bomb

by Sleemo

Sleemo we are, we be Sleemo. This is the first single from our new EP "Mutation Of" and we're super excited for it to finally be released! We really tried to capture the huge amount of power and energy of our live shows into this song and we hope you play it loud!

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Stoned Ape Theory

by Muskrat Meadows

Hello! This is Rebecca on behalf of Vancouver band Muskrat Meadows bringing you their debut single "Stoned Ape Theory" The band paired up with animator Benjamin Christensen on the music video to elevate the track to a new level with chaotic visuals.

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Good Clean Fun

by Lucy Furr

Greetings! We're a band from Indianapolis called Lucy Furr. We just put out our debut album "The Jungle" on June 1st. This is what we used for the single. Hope ya dig it! The full album is available on all major streaning platforms.

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The Thrash Blues

We've finally got the sound and energy of our live show on record with our new single 'Halo'. It's full of the riffs and hooks we love to play and it's the kind of song that'll wind its way into your brain. So far the reaction to it has been fantastic. We're looking forward to releasing more soon.

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Hi! We're Bus, a psych-punk band from Los Angeles. We've been rocking DIY venues around town for the past couple months and this is the third song we've released in anticipation of our debut EP coming later this fall. "Shubee" is a short and sweet surf jam, recorded live with no overdubs.

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