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The High Country

by Haloes

I am a digital sound artist equally partisan to the worlds of rock/pop, classical, & avant-garde music. I present here a track from my post-art punk project Haloes - a thrasher called The High Country - dense layered guitar textures here, kinda like Needles in the Camels Eye meshed with Sonic Youth.

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Hi There! Our song is called Metamorphosis, we consider it a scream of rage against the reality in which we live in, representing the summit of the unavoidable transformation of humans into a machine. Hope you like it!

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I Don't Care

by The Penny Antics

The music video for the song 'I Don't Care' was made entirely by myself and the band's drummer. It features stop motion animation, green screening and 4K camera quality. We won 'Best Animated Film' (Over 16's) category for this video at the Harwich Festival of the Arts Film Festival on 16/11/20.

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Doom Generation

by Table Scraps

In a year lost to fear and confusion what could possibly be more 2020 than the sound of an air-raid siren? 'Doom Generation’, taken from the upcoming album Coffin Face, is a two minute blast of venomous catharsis from a band who have no other option but to keep pushing the boulder up the hill.

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Heavenly Home (I'm In Your Mind)

by Sleemo

Hey, we are an independent alternative band from Norwich, Norfolk. Formed mid 2019. This song represents escapism and how people use technology to hide from the scary reality of the outside world.

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Με Νεύρα

by Μινέρβα (Minerva)

Με Νεύρα is a phrase in greek that stands for "with nerves" or "with anger" if you prefer, and it was the first track ever composed and rehearsed by the band. Basically it describes the anger and frustration we are filled in, during the daily anxious routine in the city of Athens.

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Hey there! My name is Kurt are a Psych-Rock trio from Bristol called Raptor. the band consists of my brother Adam on Drums, Nick on Bass and me on guitar & vocals. We've been touring the UK, opened up for Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and are releasing our first LP this May 17th! x

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