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United Hate Division

by City of The Weak

CITY OF THE WEAK combines modern rock with catchy pop-punk melodies. They have played with bands including Asking Alexandria, August Burns Red & PVRIS and at the largest rock music festivals. The band are currently recording their second album with producer Brandon Friesen (The HU, The Kooks)

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Nothing But A Memory


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment means your whole life stops—everything else takes a back seat while you enter battle mode. You are faced with the concept of your own mortality and identity, but there’s also the opportunity for perspective.

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Out of the blue

by Atwood

We're Atwood, an Italian band from Milan. We play alternative rock with pop and electronic influences. "Out of the blue" tells the beauty of waiting for something good to come – and the wait becomes a bubble we lock ourselves in, oblivious of the passage of time.

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by Jen Janet

I'm Jen Janet, and I love to blend rock and alternative music with fashion and interesting visuals. I've always been drawn to "dark" things, and I'm fascinated with merging both heavy and stereotypically "pretty" sounds. The same goes for my music videos, photos, and art.

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Bath Salts


‘Bath Salts’ is a look at my place in the modern world as an artist. ‘Rock and roll died and I survived, am I flirting with danger, maybe social suicide?’—is there still a place in contemporary music for my art or is it something that belongs in times gone by?

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Fool's Paradise

by Young States

Hey, we're Young States from Norwich and we've just released our newest single "Fool's Paradise"! We are so incredibly proud of this song and so excited to release it too, because we wrote it over 4 years ago! We think it's one our best songs yet and couldn't be happier that it's finally out!

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Painted Mind

by Pinehill

Hi! We are a new band on the block! We are Pinehill, from Sweden. We recently released our debut single Painted Mind. If you're into alternative rock, female fronted bands and catchy melodies, this one's for you!

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Black Dove

by Favvkes

Hey there, I'm Favvkes and this is my debut single Black Dove! It's an anthem of inner strength to help us through these trying times about harnessing the power you've always had within you... It's edgy and moody and I hope you love it. Best played loud ;)

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Easy To Forget

by Frank's White Canvas

“We are part of a society that is accustomed to turning a blind eye toward injustice. They convinced us that one person cannot change the world, but we have decided to try.” That is the feeling that Frank’s White Canvas express in their new single, “Easy to Forget.”

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"Dark Inside"


We're electro/alternative rock band LOWBORN, and in "Dark Inside" we delve into downward spirals and dig up demons. The video for "Dark Inside" pulls from "The Blair Witch Project" with haunting, dark rooms and shadows, time to get scared.

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Bring On The Night

Hey folks, we're Bring On The Night. Yes, there's only two of us, and yes, we look the same (hint: we're identical twins). We make music as a way to continually push ourselves outside our comfort zone. If you like it, we like you lots to, so come and find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc...

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Bring On The Night

Hey Punktastic folks! As the guys previously behind Forty Four Hours, we wanted to get in touch as we've got a new project in the works, due for launch on 21st September! Hopefully you like this even more than our previous stuff, and more than our Mum does.

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Cosmic Ninja

Hey Punktastic Crew, hope all is good. Wondering if you might check out our new video for "Yeah Right"? We are a rock band with a love for electronic music too! Big guitars and big synths included. Let us know what you think. Thanks!

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Hello Punktastic! We are OCEANDVST, a new female fronted pop punk band and we would like to introduce ourselves! We have just released our new music video for our song "Stay" for which we have worked very hard. It would be wonderful if you give it a try!

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Hailing from Cardiff, self-confessed 'ugly' popstar ZAND is kicking off 2018 in strong style with the release of their gory, fetish-laden single "BOYS LIKE U".

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