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What Will It Take?

by Crash-11

This song questions the misogyny and toxic masculinity in society, from ‘I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong’, which is available now on all standard music platforms. Described as well produced, aggressive, catchy skate/ pop-punk. All music is written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Naylor.

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Weight of Time

by Stonetone

Stonetone is a Finnish punk rock band. The band has recently released a new single; Weight of Time. Song is a strong and emotional contemplation of time and flow of life. The underlying idea of the band is to have a good time with good people.

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The New Influence

by Zeta Zeroes

I'm a one-man band based near D.C. My debut EP "11:01" is out today, 4 hardcore and punk rock bangers I wrote as a teenager 11-12 years ago, rerecorded for proper release this year. I hate the contradictory conformity of punk and hardcore so I wanted to make something off-kilter and original.

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Red Carpet

by Grandma's Boys

we are the band "Grandma's Boys", a pop punk band from Heilbronn, Germany and we will release our new single “Red Carpet” on July 29th. The song "Red Carpet" is an open letter in its lyrical structure and is addressed to a power-hungry, warmongering leader.

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Stop the World

by Hunch Power

Hey folks, we're Hunch Power from Nottingham and we make sonic pills for hunch-powered souls. Here's the music video of our debut single "Stop the World", a tribute to the lockdown victims. We loved recording it with Sam Cook in Lincoln and we filmed the video in London and Nottingham, proudly DIY.

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Life During Quarantine

by Lost in Society

The New Jersey based alternative punk act, Lost in Society, has nothing but promise ahead. The trio has just released the new LP “Life During Quarantine". The power-punkers find muse in early punk and 90's grunge. The new material has 10 tracks.

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Hibernation Summer

by Last Titans

"Hibernation Summer" is the second single from Last Titans upcoming CD, which will come out during this year 2022. It is a song with energy, nostalgic and catchy rhythm that will take you back to your teenage years.

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Nothing To Celebrate

by Wood and Nails

The political and upper class are liars. That's it. This song was written in 2020/2021 when every time we opened social media or turned on the news there was another lie, another hypocrisy from the ruling class all the while making themselves richer and more powerful off the back of our suffering.

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Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

by Radio Aftermath

Radio Aftermath are an alternative rock band from Leeds, UK. The song is a short sharp blast of high energy and is the band’s first release this year foreshadowing their debut self-titled EP due this summer. Blink and you'll miss it, but you won't soon forget it. See you in the aftermath...

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by Snumen

Hey folks, we're Snumen from Germany (Bavaria) and this is the pre single "2084" of our upcoming EP "No Way Out", which is the first chapter of our concept album "The Aftermath". It's a fast paced punk track with some small screams and a long slow outro.

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How Prophetic

by When The Walls Fell

Hi everyone, we're When The Walls Fell and this is one of the first tracks off our debut record, Upbeat Songs for the End of the World, out Oct. 1. The entire album was recorded during lockdown between the U.S. and the U.K., and it's about how Nazis are bringing about the apocalypse. Cheers!

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by Heligan

Hi everyone, we are Heligan - a progressive punk power trio from Perth, Western Australia. We'd like to introduce our debut single, Castaways, written in the lock-down and inspired by the anger of corruption.

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by Canavar

We are CANAVAR and we deliver a sound that is rapid, catchy and explosive. Our barnstorming sophomore album, Living After, is set to drop on Friday 18th March. Please look out for it, thanks for the support!

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Brave New Normal

by Stay Awake

Hi guys , we are Stay Awake, an international punk rock four-piece based in Bangkok. We just released our sophomore EP 'PORTRAITS' and would love to know what you think of the EP. Here's a track from it called Brave New Normal.

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Killing Me

by Bad Year

We couldn't be more proud and grateful to share our most recent debut with you. We are sharing this in hopes of working together to help raise mental health awareness and offer public prevention methods for suicide. Please feel free to take a moment to check out our new single, "Killing Me"!

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What We're After

by For Felix

For Felix are back with the new single “What We’re After” after 15 years of silence. “What We’re After” features one of the last recordings of late drummer Patrick Jolkovski. All proceeds from the release will go directly to a college fund for his two daughters.

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Hey!! We are VERSIVE, our new tune "November" just got released via Paper + Plastic Records. Alan Day of Four Year Strong invited us out to Massachusetts to record some music and this song was a result of it! I hope you enjoy it. We are loud, rumbustious and most importantly, honest in what they do.

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Hi, Conor here from the alt/punk band VERSIVE from Dublin, Ireland. This is our new single "November" and it was produced by Alan Day of Four Year Strong.

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by Skinny Knowledge

Hey folks, we are Skinny Knowledge and this is the first track from our debut album 'Don't Turn Out The Lights'. 'Imagination' is a high-octane, punk-inspired anthem that tells a tale of anticipation and hope that touches on the subject of courage, but also fear.

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Attention Economy

by Launch Control

Hey, we are Launch Control, bringing you socio-political punk rock from Reading. This is our new track Attention Economy, the first single from our upcoming forth EP of the same name. The single is available to stream in all the usual places now with the EP dropping on the 2nd of October.

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