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by Skinny Knowledge

Hey folks, we are Skinny Knowledge and this is the first track from our debut album 'Don't Turn Out The Lights'. 'Imagination' is a high-octane, punk-inspired anthem that tells a tale anticipation and hope that touches on the subject of courage, but also fear.

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Attention Economy

by Launch Control

Hey, we are Launch Control, bringing you socio-political punk rock from Reading. This is our new track Attention Economy, the first single from our upcoming forth EP of the same name. The single is available to stream in all the usual places now with the EP dropping on the 2nd of October.

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Love and a Riot

by Jack and Sally

Hey guys, we are Jack and Sally from London and "Love and a Riot" is our first post-lockdown release. “Love and a Riot” is a tale about the struggles faced by a couple in keeping their family together.

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Almost There

by Chiliocosm

If Rise Against and the Red Hot Chili Peppers had a kid, it would probably sound like this

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The Ones Who Are Left Behind

by Active Minds

We're Active Minds. You may not have heard of us, but we've been around for quite a while playing DIY political punk and hardcore. We have a wide range of musical interests, and try to reflect this in our songs - so expect some variety. Here's the first track from our new EP.

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Party Line

by Supercut

Hey everyone, we're a Belarusian punk band named Supercut and here's our brand new song Party Line. Hope you'll enjoy it, cheers!

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Shiny Things

by They Stay Dead

Back with our first new release in 6 years, They Stay Dead is still the Gnarled Pop & Power that your big brother fell in love with in 2010!

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Sands of Fire/Seas of Ice

by Lawndale

G'day, Lawndale here! Put shortly, Lawndale is a project that followed frontman and songwriter Marcel from his desert birthplace, Australia, to his new home in Sweden. 'Sands of Fire/Seas of Ice' explores the nuances and difficulties of such a drastic change and presents it with high energy skatepunk.

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Someone else

by Ghosts of Westbeach

We're Ghosts of Westbeach, three friends spread between the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. We're fusing our 90's punk rock influences with modern production.

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Are We The Heroes?


Hello people, We are Playground Circus, a punk rock band based in London, UK. We are excited to show you our brand new song called "Are We The Heroes?". A song with lot's of influences from the Pop Punk and the Easycore scene. We hope you'll enjoy it :)

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Dear Hearts

by Dear Hearts

Hey guys, this track is what we're about, the feeling of playing in a band, breaking the band up, missing it big time and getting back together stronger than ever. it's the very first track of our new EP 'Old shirts'. We really hope you'll love it!

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Time & Tide

by Fake Legacy

We are Fake Legacy, a three piece Punk Rock band from Sweden. This track 'Time & Tide' is from our latest EP called 'A Beloved Masquerade'. A very melodic song, it will bring your mind to bands like The Descendents, The Offspring, Blink 182 etc.

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Disappointment & Hope


Greetings from Ukraine! This is Complete!, a melodic punk rock band from Eastern Europe. Formed in the early 2017 we have released two EP's and our first full length 'Disappointment & Hope' out now

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Paint By Numbers

by Basement Sound

We are a 5 piece punk band hailing from Sioux Falls, SD. Taking breaks from our 9-5s we hit the stage and give it our all each and every time we play.

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Wake Up

by Basement Sound

We are five dads who love to play music together. What we love the most is getting our songs inside of people's domes and hearing them sing back to us on stage.

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A Drink For You


Fine Dining are a melodic hardcore punk band from the South Bay (Los Angeles), CA and just released their first EP Grass Fed Tunes. This band features Paul Miner (ex-bass player from Death By Stereo).

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by Charming Mike

Yo! We're Charming Mike and we are the nostalgic ear noise you miss from the early 2000s! We enjoy pizza, parties and hanging out with our friends, and our new EP "THIS NOISE" has just just hit the digital shelves as of 14/06/19. If you like heavy pop-punk - give us a listen ;)

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Holding Out

Hi! We're Holding Out. We're an experimental Melodic - Punk Rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. We're always developing our sound and experimenting with different genres we can bring into the mix.

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The Muslims

Yo! We're The Muslims, a thrashy, hard-hitting punk band bringing political humor and tender rage to both halal and haram punks everywhere. We play a mix of classic, hardcore and afropunk influenced stuff. We're just a bunch of cuddly, angry ass, rabid raccoons okay.

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Crash-11 has a fast, aggressive skate punk sound with a mix of personal a political songs, heavily influenced by bands from Fat Wreck and Epitaph. All music written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself (Nick Naylor), a musician/producer from South Wales (UK).

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