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Panic Stations

by Eating Teeth

Formed amidst the chaos of the pandemic in 2020, Panic Stations is our debut single. No Messing around, straight out of the gate with a punchy, fast paced, catchy and melodic groove. Intended to be a kick up the backside regarding various issues around the world and a wakeup call to the masses.

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Perfect Storm

by Templeton Pek

Brand New Templeton Pek Single OUT NOW our first new music for 5 years. we hope you enjoy it :)

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Apocalyptic Calamity

by Outer Control

Outer Control are skate-punkers from Newcastle, Australia specialising in playing melodic, fast, punchy, catchy tracks. We've gotten a little more serious with this one taking on the dark side. We'll be touring from Queensland to Tasmania over the next 6 months promoting our up coming releases.

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by Blue Collar Punks

Hello there :) we're Blue Collar Punks from Mainz, Germany. We're a small four piece punk band looking to make a name for ourselves. Our main goal is to bring back the sound of the early 2000s, combining our different influences to make something and original.

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Salt of the Earth


We are WYRES - a melodic punk rock four-piece from Manchester with serious Myspace-era vibes. Salt of the Earth is on our debut album “Nothing Like Your Idols,” which is out 6th October 2023.

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by Critic City

Critic City is a rock band...We love riffs...we love hooks...we love a powerful message. Check us out!

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Fake Nice

by oh, rain

We're oh, rain and we're from Glasgow. We've just released our new single Fake Nice, which comes from our upcoming EP Awful Things. For fans of The Menzingers and Hot Water Music, this song is a really great encapsulation of what we do best - heart on sleeve punk rock with hooks for days.

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Junkyard Sessions

by Backdrop Falls

Backdrop Falls release their newest audiovisual project "Junkyard Sessions" in an out-of-the-box setting, featuring three live tracks from the album "There's No Such Place as Home" and the single "Mona Lisa".

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Till The End

by Lifeboats

🔥🔥 Heyyyyy Friends !! 🔥🔥 It’s us again !! Do you wanna ROCK ??? Check out this new single !! Punk/Rock/Hardcore/Metal !! Let us know what you think ! If you’re having a good time, add it to your playlist ! Youtube : 🔥🔥 Lifeboats 🔥🔥

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Your Own Violence

by Lifeboats

🔥🔥 Hey Guys , 🔥🔥 We’re Lifeboats, a Punk Rock Hardcore band from France. You should give it a try! You won't be disappointed for sure ! If you add it on your playlist or media, just notify us, we’ll share it as much as possible ! Thank you for your time 🔥🔥 Lifeboats 🔥🔥

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Suffer In Silence

by Youth Illusion

Hey we're Youth Illusion! We are a mix of early 2000s punk rock with more of a melodic edge, with modern-day hooks and riffs.”

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Eye for an Eye

by Hunch Power

We're stoked to present our third single 'Eye for an Eye'. It's an anti-war anthem about the consequences of revenge and retaliation which ties in with the anniversary of the invasion in Ukraine.

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No Spoilers, But Everyone Dies At The End

by Lucias Malcolm

Hey! I'm a punk/ska multi-instrumentalist from Kent. Like all musicians in the pandemic, I was cut off from touring. So I set up a home studio and wrote a new batch of songs. This track (and the album that is coming March 10th) represents the culmination of 3 years of DIY work. Enjoy!

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What Will It Take?

by Crash-11

This song questions the misogyny and toxic masculinity in society, from ‘I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong’, which is available now on all standard music platforms. Described as well produced, aggressive, catchy skate/ pop-punk. All music is written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Naylor.

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Weight of Time

by Stonetone

Stonetone is a Finnish punk rock band. The band has recently released a new single; Weight of Time. Song is a strong and emotional contemplation of time and flow of life. The underlying idea of the band is to have a good time with good people.

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The New Influence

by Zeta Zeroes

I'm a one-man band based near D.C. My debut EP "11:01" is out today, 4 hardcore and punk rock bangers I wrote as a teenager 11-12 years ago, rerecorded for proper release this year. I hate the contradictory conformity of punk and hardcore so I wanted to make something off-kilter and original.

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Red Carpet

by Grandma's Boys

we are the band "Grandma's Boys", a pop punk band from Heilbronn, Germany and we will release our new single “Red Carpet” on July 29th. The song "Red Carpet" is an open letter in its lyrical structure and is addressed to a power-hungry, warmongering leader.

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Stop the World

by Hunch Power

Hey folks, we're Hunch Power from Nottingham and we make sonic pills for hunch-powered souls. Here's the music video of our debut single "Stop the World", a tribute to the lockdown victims. We loved recording it with Sam Cook in Lincoln and we filmed the video in London and Nottingham, proudly DIY.

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Life During Quarantine

by Lost in Society

The New Jersey based alternative punk act, Lost in Society, has nothing but promise ahead. The trio has just released the new LP “Life During Quarantine". The power-punkers find muse in early punk and 90's grunge. The new material has 10 tracks.

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Hibernation Summer

by Last Titans

"Hibernation Summer" is the second single from Last Titans upcoming CD, which will come out during this year 2022. It is a song with energy, nostalgic and catchy rhythm that will take you back to your teenage years.

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