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Warren & Jimmy

by Loser Points

'Warren & Jimmy' is a complete re-imagining of a song that was written by the band for a fan contest in their formative years. On the band's latest tour, the song began to take on a new life, with Shawn and Kurt giving fans the hardest shredding, most high-flying track yet.

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by BoxCat

We're BoxCat, a Zine-obsessed Skate Punk band from Wales. We love nothing more than Dad jokes and playing silly games during our shows. This track is fresh from our E.P 'Something', and its about dealing with the more confusing side effects of depression and anxiety.

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Koffin Kids

We are the epitome of DIY in a scene plagued by pay to play bullshit and rich kids using daddy's money to buy a music career.

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The American Standard

Hi, we're The American Standard. We're a three-piece heavy pop-punk / rock band from the minor outlying US island of South Jersey. We have two EPs available for you to listen to on Spotify and Bandcamp, and we are releasing our first full length this year. Stay tuned for more!

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Leave it Blank

We are a pop punk band from Brighton in the UK. We pride ourselves on our full sound with catchy melodies that get stuck in your head for days and energetic live performances. We're for fans of Green Day, Bayside, blink-182 and Bowling For Soup.

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