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Stop the World

by Hunch Power

Hey folks, we're Hunch Power from Nottingham and we make sonic pills for hunch-powered souls. Here's the music video of our debut single "Stop the World", a tribute to the lockdown victims. We loved recording it with Sam Cook in Lincoln and we filmed the video in London and Nottingham, proudly DIY.

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by The Outside Kids

Hey all, we're The Outside Kids! “Backpedal” is the third teaser off our new album, Dirty Faces. It's about addiction; how happiness is denial and dopamine is a hell of a drug. Maybe some parties should end. When was the last time you checked in on yourself?

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It Could Be

by The Outside Kids

We’ve all attempted something knowing it won’t work out, but tried anyway, and got caught up in the fantasy of potential. Hi! We are The Outside Kids, and we're your new best friends! Our new song "It Could Be" is thrashy, bouncy, riff-based, unexpected, melodic. We hope you enjoy it!

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The End

by Harrison Rimmer

Are you ready for 'The End'? Alternative rock artist Harrison Rimmer is releasing his new single on the 21st of January and we'd love to hear what you think! His sound is a perfect fit for fans of Bruce Springsteen and Frank Turner.

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Why Weren't They Stunned

by Emily Davis and The Murder Police

We're Emily Davis and The Murder Police! Our new single "Why Weren't They Stunned?" (from our new LP out June 25), about how the government isn't concerned/doesn't care when it comes to the role we play in climate change, the pandemic, etc., & that lack of urgency keeps biting us in the ass.

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by Macatier

Hi there! My name is Dan and I play indie-punk music under the name Macatier. "Lacerations" is the first track off my forthcoming self-recorded album "Native Noise, and this song about a time I spent in hospital. The whole album was recorded at home in lockdown.

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The Misfit

by Unknown era

As the title suggests, 'The Misfit' is about not feeling you fit into society. The video is a montage of home footage shot in lockdown of the band and singing and dancing along in and around Nottingham, social distanced of course..

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Human Bones

by Bowers

Hey my name is Luke Fewtrell-Bowers. I play guitar in a doom band called Opium Lord; when I'm not doing that I play and sing my own brand of anti-authoritarian folk music, rooted in my upbringing in punk rock but also inspired by the protest singers of the past century. Thanks for your time!

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Back On Your Feet

by Uncle Bard & the Dirty Bastards

Here is "Back on Your Feet", first single from upcoming album "The Men Beyond The Glass", out on April 24th. Uilleann pipes, tenor banjo and a solid rock rhythm section give way to new sounds and a unique way of mixing Irish Trad and Rock/Folk music.

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Dark Force Rising

by Non Canon

Ahoy there, I'm Non Canon and this is the first song to have been released from my 2nd album 'Non Canon II'. It's one of the most stripped-back songs from the record instrumentation-wise, and is about my frustration with people hiding behind 'freedom of speech' to try and justify their bigotry.

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Highway Lights

by Seth Anderson

In 2016 I was given the honour of recording an album with Lagwagon's Joey Cape which was released through his label, One Week Records. Now I'm returning with a new full length, teaming up with Eamon McGrath on production, entitled 'We Could Be.', the first single from the album 'Highway Lights'.

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by One Million Motors

One Million Motors is deja vu, like stories from strangers where you already know the ending. lt's the coffee and cigarette musings of The Menzingers; the tongue twitching urgency of the Descendents; the stumbling everyman poetics of Dave Hause.

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Make the Oceans Move

by Zach Frost

Hey Punktastic! My name is Zach Frost and this is my new single 'Make the Oceans Move'. It's about being in control of your own destiny and not letting anyone or anything stand in the way of achieving your dreams.

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Bad Heart

by Overgrow

Overgrow is an indie emo band from Columbus, OH. This is their new single "Bad Heart" off their upcoming sophomore EP 'The Name We Share', slated for release May 3rd through Common Ground Records.

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40 Shillings on the Drum

We're 40 Shillings on the Drum. Here's our new single, mixed by Tommy Gleeson from Feeder. We met him at Beautiful Days festival '18 when we snuck back of main stage to steal beer. The song is a huge departure from our folk-punk roots, taking a more contemporary, punk-rock sound to new heights.

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Dad Nap

Hi there, I'm Strong but I also go by Dad sometimes, I have this one man DIY Folk Punk band called Dad Nap, I just put out a new EP called 'Worn out' that I'm really proud of. I sing about modern politics and inequality and i also sing about the human condition and love.

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Sean Tobin

Hey everyone! My name's Sean Tobin. I'm a singer/songwriter from the shores of New Jersey. I've been influenced by every type of music from classic rock and country to jazz and Irish traditional. I do my own thing with people I meet along the way. I released a DIY album in July, hope you like it!

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Bitters and Distractions

Hey, everyone, we are Bitters and Distractions! We are two dudes from Long Island, New York who, when we're each not home with our wife and kids, spend time recording and playing punk rock tunes we wrote! We'd love for you to check us out, and for you to let us know what you think!

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Matt Mays

JUNO Award-Winning Canadian songwriter Matt Mays, and let you know he’ll be touring with The Gaslight Anthem this summer. The tour will be in support of Mays’ critically acclaimed 2017 full-length, Once Upon A Hell Of A Time…, check out the video for his lead single "NYC Girls".

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Blind Adam and The Federal League

Long time friend of The Bouncing Souls, Adam Gogola decided to start a band after a cross country motorcycle ride with the group before his degenerative eye disease took over his vision. Full of gritty, soulful punk roots with Bruce Springsteen chutzpah, the band hold rustic, rock forward melodies.

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