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The End of Particular Things

by The Medicine Cabinet

Hey guys! We're the medicine cabinet and we've just released our debut single "The end of particular things" on all platforms, its a bit gothic mixed with some pop punk crashes and splashes, we hope you like it!!!

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Whiner Little Cry Baby

by AstroNutz

Hey there, We are AstroNutz, and we have a new single we think you'll love. It's called "Whiner Little Cry Baby,"! It's guaranteed to make you move and once people hear it, they'll be hooked.

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More For Me To Write

by The Running Free

We are Brit alt-rock crew, THE RUNNING FREE, and we are poised to make our mark with our new anthemic new single, Belief, on Friday 14th October. For now, please check out our past single, More For Me To Write.

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Fall Away

by Hype Lights

We are alt-rock crew HYPE LIGHTS, and we deliver our new single and video, Fever Dream, on Friday 7th October. This cut is taken from our eagerly awaited debut album, Leave It All Behind, which arrives via all platforms on Friday 14th April 2023. For now, please check out our last single, Fall Away.

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Save Me

by 3irty

I go by 3irty (pronounced thirty) I had this song in the works for a little over 3 months and after it was recorded I performed it live multiple times. It soon became a crowd favorite. I believe this song can change my life and help others through tough times.

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Flip a Coin (Overthinking)

by After Elmer

Indecisiveness and intuition are the two main themes on ‘Flip a Coin (Overthinking)’. On the song the band asks themselves what paths to take in life - and if they haven’t found that path already on instinct. These questions are wrapped in a powerful track.

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Two Fingers

by Concert For Aliens

Hi! we are Concert For Aliens, we met completely randomly at a party and now here we are, making music! the track was played in the same sound system as the recording studio where Blink182 and Angels And Airwaves recorded, isn't that cool? for us, who are lovers of Californian pop punk, hell yes!

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Someone else

by Ghosts of Westbeach

We're Ghosts of Westbeach, three friends spread between the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. We're fusing our 90's punk rock influences with modern production.

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The Scenic Route

by Running With Lions

Hey guys, we are Running With Lions from Hamburg Germany. Our new EP 'The Scenic Route' was release via Make Big Records on 27th March 2020. This is the first single from it.

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Locked Door

by After Elmer

Hey Punktastic, what's up? We are After Elmer, a Rotterdam-based pop punk band of three brothers, Jaap, Pieter en Thomas. Long story short; our previous bands broke up and we decided to give it a shot and DAMN it feels good this time around! Our new single Locked Door is out now!

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by Charming Mike

Yo! We're Charming Mike and we are the nostalgic ear noise you miss from the early 2000s! We enjoy pizza, parties and hanging out with our friends, and our new EP "THIS NOISE" has just just hit the digital shelves as of 14/06/19. If you like heavy pop-punk - give us a listen ;)

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In the Morning

by notdare

What up? We are notdare, we are a band born and bred in the nation of Crisp but we are currently residing in Sydney. Made up of Ben on Bass and Vocals, Pat on Guitar and Vocals and Zac on drums, we just released our first single 'In the Morning.' Its an explosive mix of surf rock, punk and more.

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Back at Ground Zero

by Swish

We are Swish and this is our most recent single release, “Back At Ground Zero.” We began jamming in Chicago, IL and still enjoy its local music scene. We hope you enjoy this energetic new single as much as we do!

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Dial Drive

Hey we are Dial Drive, a pop punk band from Orlando, FL. Thanks for checking us out and we hope you enjoy the music!

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