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Kisses On My Cards

by Cherym

It’s an anthem for all hot stubborn gays of the world feeling the emotional pressures of admitting to an attraction without the whole ‘my mate wants to know will you kiss her?’ routine.

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by Ivy's Panic Room

We're called Ivy's Panic Room, we play alternative punk music out of Rochester, New York. This song is called Rudy. Everyone has a Rudy of sorts. We hope you enjoy the tune, check out the rest of the EP "Songs for the Flood", it dropped December 26th. Come see us when live music returns! Thanks!

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Done Running

by Elm Tree Circle

It’s a semi-fictional story that emphasizes the theme of our upcoming album “No Fomo” aka no fear of missing out. Our sophomore album takes a spin at the modern phenomenon of never feeling enough in a world of constant connectivity in social media.

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Asleep at the Wheel

by Couples Therapy

Hey guys, we're Brighton-based Sparkle Punk sad boys Couples Therapy. This is our new single Asleep at the Wheel complete with DIY quarantine music video. It's an optimistic little song about obsessing over the past and learning to break cycles of anxiety. We hope you enjoy it!

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(Blast This Song With The) Windows Down!

by More! More!

Hey Punktastic, we're More! More! We just packed in this high energy, crazy fun, driving song into a minute and a half. It's got some weird timing changes that make this track rock, and we made a quarantine friendly music video that shows we can all blast music in our cars to still connect!

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Old Friends

by Bear Away

Hello fellow punk fans. We are Bear Away, a melodic punk juggernaut from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Listen to our new banger of a single 'Old Friends' now!

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Among Thieves

by Jared Grabb Among Thieves

Hello. Tom Satterfield and I had a punk band called Scouts Honor on No Idea Records in the mid-2000s. In recent years, we have been performing under the name of Jared Grabb Among Thieves with Chris Anderson and Brett Conlin. "Among Thieves" is about political corruption in the Midwestern U.S.

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Super Hurt

by Double Sorry

We’re an indie punk 3 piece out of Brooklyn and just released our first LP, “Super Hurt”. It’s 17 songs that scream by in under 22 minutes. We accompanied the release with an album video that is literally 22 minutes of explosions. Hope you enjoy it!

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Like, Music Again! / Welcome Break!

by Borts

Borts is a 3-piece punk rock band from the South West of England.
Our debut album is out later this year, in the meantime please enjoy our double A-side single!

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Elon (Take Me Home)

by Rawls Royce

Our music is political but doesn’t shy away from reminding listeners how close they are to dying in a beer covered sweater.
We're a band about getting drunk on Sunday night and holding yourself together for work Monday morning.

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Dream Boy

by Beach Bunny

"Dream Boy" was inspired by summer love - it is a song about being jaded to the idea of falling for someone again after being heartbroken in the past. It's about giving into the butterflies in your stomach even when love seems so scary at times.

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by Split Feed

Hey! We're Split Feed from Newcastle in Australia, and this is our new single 'Dwell'. It's about the struggles that come with the ending of relationships, and what we do to try and forget them. It's our favourite release yet and features our rockiest rock guitar solo yet. Hope you enjoy!

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Pink Leather Jackets

With the age of online “please-screw-me” dating apps, infidelity seems to be trendy so “Shed” is inspired by the perspective of “the other man” who is fed up with his lying three-timing side. Feel free to break shit while listening to this song.

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Spirit of the Wildfire

We are Spirit of the Wildfire, a dynamic punk band that blends styles from hiphop to punk, dubbing the sound "Funk-Punk". We've just released the first single off of our third album, a fun and catchy pop punk tune called "Static".

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Buenos Treehouse

Buenos Treehouse are a Nottingham pop punk rock band for fans of Weezer, PUP and Jeff Rosenstock.

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We're Paper/Boy, a young indie-punk four-piece hailing from Derry City in Northern Ireland. Having formed in 2017, we've gained an amazing local fanbase after playing shows full of guitar-heavy indie anthems, inspired by the likes of Car Seat Headrest and PUP. Hopefully y'all like us! :)

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Hey all, we're a Kent based band that play loud fuzzy music "Likened to grunge and sludge bands of a mostly bygone era, Hounding pairs thick visceral riffing with morose and ariose Corgan-esque howling in the unholiest of matrimony"

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A musical powder keg three parts power pop, indie rock and pop punk, detonated by wild abandon – we are SMUG – high-octane guitar solos, jubilant hooks and slacker anthems inspire much headbanging, high-kicking, and windmilling.

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Hey guys, we're Norphlet, an alt-rock duo operating 1,400 miles apart. We've just released our debut EP, full of infectious riffs, singing harmonies, and dynamic, energetic drumming. Give it a listen!

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Forever Unclean

We formed in early 2015 and have been touring all over Europe ever since, playing clubs and smaller festivals, building a following while playing with bands like The Bombpops, Beach Slang, The Smith Street Band, Gnarwolves & Free Throw etc.

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