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Toxic Wasteman

by California Cheeseburger

We are California Cheeseburger, a 4-piece punk rock band from Surrey, UK. After a busy 2023 filled with shows, we are gearing up to release our third EP in March. The release of the new EP begins with our new single, 'Toxic Wasteman'. Out on all streaming platforms now.

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The Dayjobs

by The Dayjobs

The Dayjobs sing about overflowing sump pumps, birdwatching, rising home ownership costs, not having time to play shows, abandoning one's family to go out searching for bigfoot, and such.

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Cheezy Fries

by Fire Drill

Hey Everyone! We are Fire Drill from San Jose, Ca. A new band with an old school sound. Cheezy Fries was written for my wife but is really for anyone who's significant other wasn't into punk when you first got together.

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DELEST is a melodic punk rock band born in 2016 and our influences come from Californian punkrock. You know: Bad Religion, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon,... "PERSISTENCIA" is our new EP. Follow us on social networks!

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Too Little Too Late

by Dead On A Friday

Dead On A Friday is stoked to share our brand new album “Limited Time Offer”! We’re a Queens, NY based power trio playing driving punk rock in the vein of Bad Religion with a bit of Misfits and maybe even some Propagandhi thrown in! Check out “Too Little Too Late”- hope you enjoy!

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Do What You Want (Bad Religion Cover)

by Suffocate Faster

Suffocate Faster transforms the beloved Bad Religion hit “Do What You Want” with a hardcore twist. This single comes as the first release since the band debuted their EP “This is the Way Vol 1” in June 2023 via Smartpunk Records.

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Junkyard Sessions

by Backdrop Falls

Backdrop Falls release their newest audiovisual project "Junkyard Sessions" in an out-of-the-box setting, featuring three live tracks from the album "There's No Such Place as Home" and the single "Mona Lisa".

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Doggie Man Boy Man

by El Sancho

We're El Sancho, a band from Hawaii. Our third album "Heads Up!" comes out June 16th and "Doggie Man Boy Man" is one of my favorite songs from it. We get told that we've got a 1990s East Bay punk vibe and we're big fans of bands like Mr T Experience, J-Church, Screeching Weasel, etc.

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by The Upshot

The Upshot are a new punk band from the south of England delivering high octane melodic punk. Speaking about the debut single 'Detoxstaycation', guitarist Matt Spracklen says, “It’s angsty and fast and written at a point during lockdown when I was climbing the walls to get out".

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Unlucky Star

by Babies With Rabies

We are Babies with Rabies from Washington DC! Do you like punk rock? We like punk rock so much that we make punk rock songs. This song is "Unlucky Star" from "Way to Go Mom". Do you know someone who has, or is, an unlucky star? We do so we wrote a song. You can stream it on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes.

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Exponential Decay (EP)

by Zero Cost

We’re a three piece melodic punk band from Hull, UK. This is our debut EP and we want you to listen to it with the volume up.

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Hate City

by Grindle

Hey, y’all! Grindle is a 90s hardcore punk band based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. We’ve all played in different bands until we formed this one. Hate City is a track about the police state and we hope you dig it!

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Social Hangover

by Freedumb

Norwegian punk rock/hardcore trio Freedumb is back from the Covid hiatus, with the new album “Social Hangover” on Fucking North Pole Records. “Social Hangover” is Freedumb’s most varied to this date and musically spanning from hardcore with black metal elements to more melodic punk rock.

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Team Work

by Dan & The Gummy Hunters

Dan & The Gummy hunters is a Punk rock project heavily influenced by the California early 90’s. Their second album “Team Work” it is just out of the oven, Recorded in-between September 2021 and March 2022 the album has ten songs of pure nostalgic 90’s Punk Rock.

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Natural Disaster

by Springless

Hey, we are Springless from Prague, Czech Republic. We have just released our very first EP - Natural Disaster. Check it out and see ya in the pit!

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Life During Quarantine

by Lost in Society

The New Jersey based alternative punk act, Lost in Society, has nothing but promise ahead. The trio has just released the new LP “Life During Quarantine". The power-punkers find muse in early punk and 90's grunge. The new material has 10 tracks.

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Nothing to Say

by Supersonic

Always influenced by the Grunge and Alternative Rock era of the 90's, with distorted guitars, marked bass and intense drums. Trying to rescue the essence of alternative rock from the 90s, and with lyrics that address reality, desires and disappointments.

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Eenie Menie

by Def Daze

I can’t get rid of all that noise within my head. This deafening ceaseless buzz that never fades away. I hear them talk but can't really make out the words they say.

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Mona Lisa

by Backdrop Falls

Catchy choruses you can sing along to, thick alt-rock riffs and dead honest pop punk and punk rock sensibilities are a few of the band’s biggest assets and their new single “Mona Lisa” showcases just that. Backdrop Falls new realese is part of the band's new album release "Fairytales and Fireworks".

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