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The Dayjobs

by The Dayjobs

The Dayjobs sing about overflowing sump pumps, birdwatching, rising home ownership costs, not having time to play shows, abandoning one's family to go out searching for bigfoot, and such.

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Wilted Bloom

by The Idiot Kids

Hi! We're The Idiot Kids, a Garage/Punk Trio from Detroit. We have the "energy of punk, the roughened aesthetic of garage rock and the melodic sensibilities of art pop." The track "Wilted Bloom" is a song about the allure of relapse to an addicts brain and the constant fight against it.

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by Tsunami Tsurprise

Hey Punktastic! This is our favorite song off of our debut release. The lyrics follow the story of the 1990 horror comedy "Frankenhooker". Our vocalist Meg is able to use the theme of the movie to tell the story while relating it to the male gaze and ridiculous body standards.

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Melt My Brain

by RATH & The Wise Guys

We are a beach punk skate rock band from Florida whose goal is to push social issues, challenge your perception of reality, and create a more interesting and enjoyable experience in life. We bring a show like no one's seen and this track gives a great starting point to our boundless energy.

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by Flat Out Insult

Based out of Charlotte, NC, and formed from the ashes of Kill Eagle, Darrell Sullivan and Isaac Schrum reformed the band and later found Jake Hyzy. Infuriated with the modern "punk" image, Flat Out Insult are reviving the ethos of the old school punk sound with unmatched energy and tenacity.

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Color Blind

by El Sancho

We're a little punk rock band from the Big Island of Hawaii. We write short and fast punk songs about all the bad things in the world, but mostly we just like to rock out and have fun.

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Validate Me

by The Dilrods

We are locked in our basements and writing COVID juiced quarantine juju beans. If you like it then get vaccinated.

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by Deseos Primitivos

This release comes after tours of Peru, Mexico and the US west coast. Deseos Primitivos is a band unrestricted musically and not tied to a specific genre. Songs of revenge, homelessness and gentrification, colonization, and sensual tales of taboo dreams.

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