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by Demoted

We are Demoted, the self-proclaimed "laziest working band in show biz." Don't be fooled that this album was recorded in 2022, or the cd manufactured in Oct 2023...we are finally "releasing" it in spring 2024, right now. At this rate, our first tour will be the nursing home where we wind up!

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We Need A Plan B - 7"

by Covøids

Ahoy friends! Covøids are a four-piece '80s hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia. Have a squiz at our debut album, We Need A Plan B.

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Cheezy Fries

by Fire Drill

Hey Everyone! We are Fire Drill from San Jose, Ca. A new band with an old school sound. Cheezy Fries was written for my wife but is really for anyone who's significant other wasn't into punk when you first got together.

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Silly Spreadsheets

by Class Act

This is the first track on our new EP Equilibrium Rate of Starvation. 1981 but unmistakably 2023. If you are looking for that original hardcore feeling in these new times, this is it. First lines: Terrified of failiure I break my back for the first quarter corporate targets that's got a hold on me

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Nothing On Me

by Like No Tomorrow

The skate rat emerges from his bunker after failing to reach any intelligent life. LNT returns with a six-song EP of pissed-off punk rock!

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by Grasping at Pieces

This is the first single off our new E.P., We are GAP not JFA,

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This One's Gonna Hurt

by Before They Are Hanged

Hi there! We're Sheffield/Derbyshire based punks Before They Are Hanged and we've just released “This One’s Gonna Hurt” a taster video and track from our forthcoming debut album (due later 2022) BTAH is: Si - Vocals Dan-Guitar Trevor - Bass Ben – Drums

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Seeking and Straying

by Suburban Decay

Hey everyone, we're Suburban Decay, a new punk band from Washington, D.C. If you're a dirty punk who's also kind of a literature nerd, this is the band for you! This is a song off our debut EP, Cerberus, inspired by Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 3.

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No u

by Nick G.

So, I'm a 16 year old punk rock musician from San Antonio Texas. This track came from a back and forth challenge of who could come up with the strongest way to say "No u". I think after listening to this track, You'll see that I won the challenge ;).

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Pecunia Crux

by Sour Steve

Hey everyone! Sour Steve here introducing the second single off my brand new concept album: Life in a Cage available now!

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Energy Gone Wrong

by Spider

We are Spider and this is the new lyric video for the title track of our "Energy Gone Wrong" EP. We made a video intended to capture the nihilistic, resilient, raw and visceral nature of our live show. Hope you like it!

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by Sour Steve

Hello! Here is one of the top tracks on my debut album, Age of Disconnection. EMP Over DC is a hardcore punk song that explores the futility of nuclear warfare in the United States.

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Junk Drawer

by Hostile Omish

Hey punks! We're the Hostile Omish - a name synonymous with Ohio punk for the past three decades! Here is Junk Drawer, the latest single from our 30th anniversary album, XXX! Pick up or stream a copy and rock out to BARNCORE!!

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Fired For Partying.

by World War IX

Hello Pickup! World War IX here. Do you like slap in your face, hook filled, humor driven punk rock?! Well so do we, and we just so happen to have a brand new 5 song 10" out that we think YOU will enjoy. We've been around for a few COUGH years and, we're having more fun than ever!

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We are Buffet. We are from a small town on Fidalgo Island called Anacortes. Loud music didn't happen here for a while. Now it does. One of us owns the record store The Business. Two of us were in The Lonely Forest. One of us shouts about things. Maybe you'll like us.

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Affected Youth

We're Affected Youth from the wild wesht of Ireland. This is our first album, 'Formative Years'. The artwork was done by a 6 year old, and the tunes aren't too far off. Enjoy!

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Hi, we're an Essex based punk band and we've just recorded our first EP and shot a video. Would appreciate a listen if you're into some good old-fashioned DIY punk rock!

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Violent Practice

Hello sinners! We are Violent Practice. Coming from the opposite sides of the river, we bring it to you the only way we know, fast and loud. Our Music is fueled by raw energy and lyrics that speak of the evils of everyday life.

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