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by Kickin' Pigeons

We are band that started by 2 friends when we were 15 and now 20 years later, after having more drummers than spinal tap, were able to get the means to create our first truly DIY, made in the bedroom, record. Using a tierless technique of trial and error, hope someone enjoys!

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Blush Now

by Carbono Party

Hey there! I´ve been a drummer all my life and a few years ago I started to compose this, my solo proyect. I recorded all the instruments on this record, and according to few people who have heard the album, this is one of the best songs, I'm I think is the truth, is not that bad.

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Doggie Man Boy Man

by El Sancho

We're El Sancho, a band from Hawaii. Our third album "Heads Up!" comes out June 16th and "Doggie Man Boy Man" is one of my favorite songs from it. We get told that we've got a 1990s East Bay punk vibe and we're big fans of bands like Mr T Experience, J-Church, Screeching Weasel, etc.

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by The Traders

THE TRADERS is a 3 piece band from France, Think about Motörhead meets with Dead To Me. After a few kids and a long pandemic, a new song, "Grandiose", comes out in april 2023. With this rough and loud punk anthem the band announce they're back, a new album ready to be released in September 2023 !

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This Might Take A While


HOLYFANGS is a new punk rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The sound is instantly familiar, yet fresh, heartfelt and pulsing with life. A driven, angst-fuelled combination of tasty riffs, crunching grooves and blood-soaked melodies that bite.

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Blue Drinks

by Pass Away

Blue Drinks is about letting go of past bullshit and embracing the good times to come. The best revenge in life is to raise a drink with your best friends and laugh at the world.

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by The Unsinkable

We're the Unsinkable! A 4-piece from Nijmegen, the Netherlands who happen to play punk rock! The Unsinkable consists of (ex-)members of 90's punkrock pioneers Facing Down, The Minority, post-punk/hardcore outfit The Assange and punkrock karaoke band Sing Along Riot.

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Bar Tape

Hey Punktastic readers! We're Bar Tape, a gritty pop punk band from Ireland via America. We play fast and catchy pop punk with rough edges. We've been compared to the likes of Pinhead Circus, early Hot Water Music, Latterman and Dillinger Four. I think you get the idea!

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Shakers are Pat Stahl, Jon Stahl & Joe Marino. We're veterans of the South Florida punk world starting back in 1994, been making music and playing shows ever since. Call it "Pop Punk" if you will, but you'll find an aggressive blend of punk, hardcore, and rock & roll sure to get your blood moving!

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Came and Took It

Howdy, we are Came and Took It from Fort Collins, CO. We combine a love for catchy punk rock, tequila, tasteless humor, and tequila into one painfully orgasmic assault on your senses. Here's the single off our new record produced by Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) that we are way pumped on!

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Lashing Fred

We are Lashing Fred, a French punk rock band. We've recorded and released our 1st LP "Exactly not the same" end of last year. It's been D.I.Y made from recording to producing and promoting. Hope you'll enjoy

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