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The Fringes of Normality

by To The Helpless

Lyrically it delves on the themes of death, distance, normalcy and marriage through the prism of the pandemic. It was mastered by the one and only Mass Giorgini. The full EP on Downloadable EP: and the music video is at:

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Pressure Drop

by Black Heart Breakers

Hey Punktastic! We are Black Heart Breakers from Sydney, Australia :) We're happy to share with you our brand new single "Pressure Drop" We hope you like it "We all tend to over analyse and stress ourselves out, over things that probably won’t matter in 2 months." Singer/Songwriter - Hayden McGoogan

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My Good Friends

by The Fullers

Hey everyone, thanks for checking us out! We are The Fullers from New Jersey- We hope you enjoy the opening track off of out latest release 'Cheers' - The song is called 'My Good Friends' and we appreciate you all checking us out and for your support!

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Say Her Name

by Skitter

This song is about the unjust murder of Breonna Taylor. Any proceeds from downloads of this song will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

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Mente Fechada

by Toca Fitas

Toca Fitas is an solid ska punk act based on Campo Grande, in Central Brazil. "Mente Fechada" is a song with direct lyrics, which expose the feelings of the band in relation to the current days, more specifically about narrow-minded people.

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Elon (Take Me Home)

by Rawls Royce

Our music is political but doesn’t shy away from reminding listeners how close they are to dying in a beer covered sweater.
We're a band about getting drunk on Sunday night and holding yourself together for work Monday morning.

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What's Inside My Heart

by Sklubby

What's good fellow readers!?!? We are Sklubby from Long Island, NY and today is your lucky day! Check out our new song and try not to start a circle pit wherever you may be. Good luck!

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Against All Odds

by Crashed Out

Hi guys we have been around since 1995, this is a brand new recording from us hopefully included on our new album that should be out later this year. The song is all about standing up for yourself and what you believe in and doing your own thing Viva le punk shout it out loud!

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by Crimson Riot

Hurt is our second single and second music video we shot. The song is about sleazy people in the music industry who just want to take advantage of women and make them into something they are not. Roxy Gunn used personal experiences while writing this song. Enjoy and check out the video on Youtube

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Hey all! 'Shambolic' is BROCKER's third full length album; 13 fast-paced songs charged with chaos, anger and energy where Rock N' Roll meets Punk with hints of Ska. Catchy melodies, memorable choruses and strong riffs make this album a powerhouse which we're really proud of. Our album launch party gig is coming up on Thursday October 17 at the Signature Brew Taproom in Haggerston, London. Grab tickets at

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Aced Out

by The Overjoyed

Hey this is Aced Out, the second track from our latest record and the third music video taken from it. Honest, angry, melodic and energetic. We were the dropouts, our fathers' letdowns, at the top of our game and we still are. Despite all the problems, fun is our ultimate life goal.

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Off Licence

by Good Grief

Hi there, we are Hamilton ON based punk rockers Good Grief, and we're releasing our highly anticipated debut EP 'Outside the Off Licence' on June 7th through Trash Boy Records. Taking inspiration from old school British punk rock, hardcore and post punk, this EP sounds familiar yet innovative.

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Habgida Hagdola

by Helem

Hey, we are "Helem", an Anti-fascist and politic punk rock band from Tel Aviv, Isreal.

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SV & the Eruptions

We are Spunk Volcano & the Eruptions, this is a track from our NEW album DOUBLE BASTARD due out on June 21st, thanks for checking us out! YES!

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Some Kind Of Nightmare

We are San Diego's own full time touring punk rock band, Some Kind of Nightmare.. In 2013 we quit our jobs, threw out everything we owned to hit the road full time, and never looked back. And after six and a half years of touring virtually nonstop across the states, we're still not slowing down.

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Vic City Rejects

Hello! We are a three piece Pop Punk band ripping it up in the great white North. After releasing our very first album we are looking forward to a great year full of cheep beer, a smelly van and lots of good times with good friends. Much love from the rejects!

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Tom Ashman

Hey, My name is Tom, I'm some guy from Orkney in the far north of Scotland. I just really like to make music that speaks to me, and if it speaks to other people too that's awesome!... I've just recorded a demo/album called Degenerate, it can be found on youtube and as a free download on bandcamp!

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Ticking Time Bomb

Hey guys we are Ticking Time Bomb from San Jose, Costa Rica. We've been going at it for over 6 years and we want to share our passion and hard work with listeners from all over the world.

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Dead to the World

We like making and playing music with our friends and will continue to do so as long as we possibly can. We focus on writing songs that are heavy and fast that the crowd will want to sing along to. We love punk rock and we love our city of Houston, TX.

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Black Heart Breakers

Hey legends, check out the latest EP from Sydney band Black Heart Breakers. It's hands down their best effort yet and we hope you'll really enjoy it. The current single 'Save Me' is currently getting airplay by Rodney Bingenheimer & feature in Spotify's "NEW PUNK TUNES - PLAYLIST". Thanks!

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