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by Crooked King

Crooked King is a new 4 piece punk rock band from Toronto, Canada. TVAngelica is the first single off our debut album being release 4:20 that includes 10 other tracks that vary from hardcore, surfer rock and other forms of all things Rock n Roll. Thanks for listening!

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Tick Tock, the Culture's Dead

by American Thought Criminal

We aim to "Make Punk Anti-Establishment Again". Like this track, a brutish and short takedown of modern TikTok culture, using classic art and infernal imagery to draw a comparison to the deadly sins.

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Storm and Sea

by Sick Leave

Hey folks, we are a Ska-Punk band from Hamburg, Germany formed in 2019 and will soon release our debut album. This song is one of our single releases from the album and it has a bit of a different sound than typical Ska-Punk. So I hope you all love it as much as we do.

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Gothenburg City

by City Saints

We are City Saints from Gothenburg, Sweden. Formed in 2012 and has since then released 5 albums. Our latest b released just a couple of weeks ago. The included song is a love-story about our hometown Gothenburg and features Chips Kiesbye (from Sator and The Boys) on backing vocals

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Bulletproof Boots

by Conditions Apply

We're Conditions Apply. Our song Bulletproof Boots is about shooting yourself in the foot, an issue everyone can relate to. Though a couple of our members have been playing in punk bands since the mid 90's, this is the first music video any of us have ever made. Enjoy!!! Jonah.

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On The Streets

by Riot City Radio

We're Riot City Radio from Plymouth and this is the lead track off our new album 'Time Will Tell'. It's melodic, powerful, aggressive and bursting with our punk rock influences! Recorded in between covid lockdowns and political breakdowns, this album captures what it is to be On The Streets in 2022

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by Already Dead

"'Stability' is a wanderlust song about chasing a dream or a life while still maintaining the life you've built," says Already Dead's Dan Cummings. "It's about the need or desire to go out and pursue something but still knowing where your home is."

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Natural Disaster

by Springless

Hey, we are Springless from Prague, Czech Republic. We have just released our very first EP - Natural Disaster. Check it out and see ya in the pit!

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Kentucky Gentleman

by Elliott Rubin

Elliott Rubin is a musician, poet, artist etc. from Stone Mountain, Ga now in Cumming, Ga working out of the punk & poet cut and color co.

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Survival Zone

by DeadBeat At Dawn

We're a punk/ska/rap mash up from North Yorkshire, UK. We're definitely above average, some may even say pretty decent.

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Fight For Revolution

by Dignity Of Assholes

Hey Guys, Were Dignity of Assholes from jakarta Indonesia, we are a punk rock band that been est at 2009 and just released our first EP "Fight For Revolution" with Headwormz records. we have a different punk tunes with a message within this album.

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by Fat Heaven

We're Fat Heaven, a 3 piece punk band, from Brooklyn NY. We spent the last week making this video DIY to have something fun for Halloween. This song is called Tarantula and is available on a split EP we put out today 'Trash & Fat Heaven'. Its streaming everywhere alongside our track "Narc."

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One Way

by Chaos Commute

After the chaotic dissolution of a five-piece band, singer and guitarist Camilo Betancourt and drummer Julian Schmauch picked up the remains and founded CHAOS COMMUTE in 2016. They’ve just signed to KROD RECORDS for a new album set to be released in November.

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Against all odds

by Crashed Out

Hi guys we have been around a long time (1995) toured all over the world played with some of the scenes greatest band. We have our our sound, put it this way we put the ROCK in punk rock! Hope you like cheers

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by Subliminal Landmines

Hey guys! We're Subliminal Landmines, a punk band from Lafayette, LA, and this is our song "Ungrateful" off of our latest record 'Gibberish'. Tune into your inner hate and let loose with this one. Hope you enjoy

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American Youth

by Arm the Poor

Hey there! Would like to share with you our latest single, American Youth! It's a guitar frenzied story of two American kids swept up in the debris of urban sprawl. Hope you dig!

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Lockdown Blues

by Crashed Out

been around since 1995 toured all over the world with our unique sound hope you like we are the band that puts the Rock into punkrock! cheers

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[Your Name Here]

by Oppkast

Ahoy! Our band Oppkast from Kristiansand, Norway, recently released the single [Your Name Here]. This single is not meant as a political song, just to assholes in general - we used Trump as an example since he is the biggest of all assholes right now :) Cheers!

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Strikes and Gutters

by The Down and Goers

Hi, We are a punk rock-ish band based in Ann Arbor, MI looking to release an album during a pandemic... Smart? Possibly not, but life goes on. We like 90's punk rock and folk songs and this record sounds like both of those to us. Thanks for listening!

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by big spin

Big Spin is a Mexican punk rock band from Mexico City. The band was formed in 1997 In 2020, 20 years after their first album, the band released their new self-titled LP. “For ten days, we got there early in the morning, composed a song and, at the end of the day, recorded it

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