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Hold On

by ZacTheLocust

We are South Wales newcomers, ZACTHELOCUST, and we have an anthemic new single, Hold On. The song and video are out now. Please check them out.

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Door Man

by Desert Degenerates

Hi we’re Desert Degenerates, a punk band from Las Vegas. Our new single ‘door man’ drops on 09/01 and is gonna be on our upcoming album ‘Mojave nights’. This song is like: "waking up from a black out and your friend hands you a beer and a line" -

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by Downtown District

We are Downtown District! A young, upcoming punkrockband from the Netherlands. We are proud to present to you our new single 'PRESSURE'. It is fittingly about the pressure we as a band experience in the search for a cemented spot in the twisted world of the musicindustry.

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Natural Disaster

by Springless

Hey, we are Springless from Prague, Czech Republic. We have just released our very first EP - Natural Disaster. Check it out and see ya in the pit!

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Post Rona Perfect

by Ragdoll Sunday

Hi all, we're Ragdoll Sunday & following on from our well received last EP 'Welcome To The Industry', we're now releasing a new song & video 'Post Rona Perfect'. If you like it, please check our other stuff which is on all the streamers & videos on YouTube!

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Into the Undertow

by Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio was born in 2021. Dave & Matt decided to write the songs they needed to hear. Punky pop rock, with a British flavour. Not trying to re-invent the wheel, but music in a familiar style that provides comfort in an emergency.

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The Kids Are All Reich

by Heavy Meds

Heavy Meds are a loosely affiliated bunch of punkrockers, notably including Frank Turner on this record. This song is about incels, QAnon, and the rest of them skidmarks.

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by Batshit Crazy

Hey All, Here is a track off our debut album called "Ghosts", if you're not familiar with us yet we love Horror Films and sing about the ones we love most. If you like it, take a listen to other at our bandcamp page. Thanks for checking it out!

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Party Line

by Supercut

Hey everyone, we're a Belarusian punk band named Supercut and here's our brand new song Party Line. Hope you'll enjoy it, cheers!

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Time & Tide

by Fake Legacy

We are Fake Legacy, a three piece Punk Rock band from Sweden. This track 'Time & Tide' is from our latest EP called 'A Beloved Masquerade'. A very melodic song, it will bring your mind to bands like The Descendents, The Offspring, Blink 182 etc.

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Morning Anthem

by Last Titans

Hey , we are Pop Punk/Punk Rock band from Gijón, Asturias (Spain). We just released our new EP 'Punk is Dead' and we hope you like it. The EP is composed of 6 themes that will not leave anyone indifferent. If you like Pop Punk and Punk Rock surely our songs will hook you.

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Home Conflict

Hello world! We are Home Conflict a punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia formed in 2016. We've just released our debut album "Life you Choose". Check us out!

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CJ Miller

We'd like to introduce you to this very talented, up and coming, alternative rock artist - CJ MILLER. We invite you to listen to his new single, "TONIGHT"

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