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Bowery Boys (Feat. Geoff Palmer)

by Cheap Kiss

The third single "Bowery Boys" has finally arrived, ready to blow your punk-loving minds! So grab your leather jacket, turn up the volume, and get ready to be hit with some serious punk rock fury! The Third single from "Bowery Boys" is here, and it's gonna knock you off your feet!

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Fast Car

by The Getarounds

The Get Arounds have just released their new full-length album, I Wanna Live. Melodic choruses call to mind classics like Nikki and the Corvettes or The Dead Boys. Their female-fronted, angst fills the songs with 90’s style punk-grit that are reminiscent of L7, Bikini Kill or Babes in Toyland.

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Fit The Mold

by Chalk Tiger

We are a newly founded punk band from Jacksonvile,FL. We've just recently recorded our first record at Warehouse studios located in Jacksonville. We're excited to share our first single 'Fit The Mold'. We hope you enjoy it!

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Black Friar

by Shop Talk

Hey y'all, we're Shop Talk from Brooklyn and we'd like to share this track Black Friar off our debut EP The Offering. It's dark and reminiscent of early punk and a really good song to eat corn dogs to! Get into it.

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Unlucky Star

by Babies With Rabies

We are Babies with Rabies from Washington DC! Do you like punk rock? We like punk rock so much that we make punk rock songs. This song is "Unlucky Star" from "Way to Go Mom". Do you know someone who has, or is, an unlucky star? We do so we wrote a song. You can stream it on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes.

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Red Hands

by Run with Hounds

The music video for our new single 'Red Hands' was released Tuesday on Cleopatra Records, and we'd would love if you would consider the video for review. Thank you in advance. The lyrics tell a pulp magazine style drama of betrayal that is all at once painfully sincere yet tongue in cheek.

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Loose Cannon

by Choke City

Starting as a quarantine project, old friends Matt Gordon (Helen of Troy, Kaiju Daisenso, The State Secedes) Lou Koster (Bona Roba) and Mike Ciasullo (52X, The Last Crime), virtually made a 4 song EP rooted in NYC rock n roll/Proto Punk music.

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by Bad Habits

Hey Punktastic! We are Bad Habits, a new Rock & Roll band hailing from Athens, Greece. We just released our debut single, “California”, on all digital streaming platforms and hope you can help us spread the word about it!

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Say Her Name

by Skitter

This song is about the unjust murder of Breonna Taylor. Any proceeds from downloads of this song will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

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Anti-Nazi Riot

by The Kindred

Hey! This song was actually recorded for our second full-length back in 2006. We want to get the message across that it's important to be anti-racist as not being racist isn't enough.

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Flying Vincents

We started out as colleagues looking for a loud release to the boredom and stress of our office jobs, and slowly grew to become good friends and a band. We all have different musical influences, but all agree on the Misfits.

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