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by Spud

Hey dude, we are Spud we have played stoner genre where we have call our genre is left wing stoner. Lazuardi its our second single talking about how disgusting human behavior is reaching the worldly life they desire. From this song you can hear Stoner music with Hardcore Punk spirits.

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Nothing More, No One Else

by Lion Trail

I'm a one man Punk\Stoner\Rock band. The song is about an inner battle to rise above the demoralization of our lives. It combines Hardcore Punk and Metal elements with a funky break including a saxophone that leads to an energetic climax. I hope you enjoy it!

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We don't care (6 track EP)

by C2H6O

Hey guys, we're a new band from a small town called Varberg in Sweden. We've just released our first EP with some high energy punk/hardcore tracks! If you have 10 minutes of down-time you should really be checking this out, who knows, you might actually like it!

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The Cave (Where Spirits Hide)

by Lion Trail

Hello punktastic! Inspired by Plato's cave and Spider Jerusalem I came to the conclusion of mixing Doom\Sludge with Punk & Hardcore. The song is about how the news is just entertainment these days, and we all hide from the truth. This is my 2nd track, I hope you'd enjoy it!

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Anti-Nazi Riot

by The Kindred

Hey! This song was actually recorded for our second full-length back in 2006. We want to get the message across that it's important to be anti-racist as not being racist isn't enough.

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Beers with Mum

by Spielothek

Spielothek play hardcore beer anthems, drawing on influences such as The Casualties and Alarmsignal. The band was formed in Berlin and have an energetic live show that gets the punks jumping. All three band members - Ben on bass, Joe on drums and Ilya on guitar - originally met in New Zealand.

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Habgida Hagdola

by Helem

Hey, we are "Helem", an Anti-fascist and politic punk rock band from Tel Aviv, Isreal.

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