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Anti-Nazi Riot

by The Kindred

Hey! This song was actually recorded for our second full-length back in 2006. We want to get the message across that it's important to be anti-racist as not being racist isn't enough.

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by Detonator

We're Detönatör from Seattle, WA, and we write fast songs about cars, rock n' roll, defiling door-to-door proselytizers, dying at sea, and crazy stories that happened to us on the road! If you like your rock fast and tight, we're your band!

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The Ringleaders

Every few years a band will come out and grabs you by the throat as a wild bunch of coyotes. The debut album from this new superstar crew delivers a brand new batch of bruisers - as you can expect from Larry May. Prepare to have yo' ears scorched and yo' asses whipped, cauz this lil baby does KILL!

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